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A Friend of 41 Years Is An Undisputed Relationship A World Apart

Melette Celis, Aylesbury, England This Saturday will be a convergence of wonderful friends and community allies as heir to my father's luminous public life and Advocacies. An inherited legacy of a man who put the poor and the needy ahead of his family. But he was a good and excellent father. His time to respond to those who came for help were his free time from his school teachings as one of the best educators of his time and family. My roommate has prepared for this milestone for the last 10 years as promised when my life's  sun turned yellow. I thought she'd be burdened much on this Saturday's event, but no, as friends are coming together to help her piece together an evening of friendship and camaraderie. The cake, the lechon and other dishes, the banner, the centrepieces, entertainments like Jasmine Flores perhaps or Kate Mohan or Sammy Gavin, or the top TO musician couple or Merecyl Cauton, DFCS ladies, other artists that may a star from Hamil

Lucky Lucas: The Young And Brilliant Advocate For Charity Walked The Runway On A Shanon Pamaong Creation

Short clip: Lucky Lucas at Nathan Phillips Square 2018 Fashion Gala. Lucky Lucas, the silent Advocate against poverty. There are many benefits to writing a blog. For one, you can throw many blanks and then people will fill it in. But the best about blogging is you can update any errors or omission as quickly as you can when someone called your attention. To the case of Lucky Lucas who walked the runway at last weekend's Mabuhay Philippines Festival Fashion Gala 2018 and mistook her outfit for Kenneth Barlis when it was a Shanon Pamaong Creation. My apologies for the error but then it was meant to be because now, I have all the reasons to write about Lucky Lucas. She has been an interesting individual but I kept my hands off knowing Lucky is a very low profile young woman. Her mom is a good friend but it does not influence my narratives about Lucky Lucas. A brilliant student who can be considered one of our community's best vocals if only her desir

Renee Salud Live Up To Its Iconic Name At Mabuhay Philippines Festival 2018

A Renee Salud Creation @ Nathan Phillips Square TO 2018 I thought I'd felt sorry for missing out Martin Nievera on Day 1 of this year's Mabuhay Philippines Festival at Nathan Phillips Square. I've been driving all my life so the moment I hopped into a Go Train from Oshawa I knew my destination will screwed up. Exploring Toronto I must wear a comfy shoes. Yesterday, I looked like a boy scout camp leader wearing a hi cut black leather shoes from my Orthodontics insurance coverage equipped with prescribed insole. The feet were okay but the lower back pain was a distraction while walking on the wrong street. Another of Renee Salud Creation at Fashion Show Gala at nathan Phillips Square. My companion knows how to read a Google map but complained about her phone not being clear on where we were. Every time she showed it to me I pretend to know where the dot was versus the Nathan Phillips Square locator. It's like calling home when I got lost and my roommate al

A Versatile Host Adds Flavor To Outdoor Events

DJ REGINA SOSING, Tinig Pinoy Ottawa  graced Flavors of the Philippines Festival 2018 I AM an avid fan and follower of this ace radio host who travelled from Ottawa to be one of the hosts at Flavours of the Philippines Bayanihan Festival in Scarborough and the first Filipino street festival ever in this part of Toronto. Knowing the main organizers, the Dela Gana's I knew there was a punch of classy contents and people to man the show. It wasn't a surprised when DJ Regz made announcement on my inbox that she's one of hosts. With so many festivals, one needs to level up their contents so people will come back the next time. And knowing DJ Regz, she's one who does not come unprepared. She is also someone who knows how to present herself well and good in front a huge crowd. No lousy outfits is what I mean. So the day before, I knew she was ransacking her closets for that suitable dress or whatever was appropriate. Presenting oneself is a personal choice. Some hos

Amplifye: Gutsy And Full Of Energy

AMPLIFYE I'm born in the late 1950s so it's rather hard for me to have a feel with the current trends of music much more to a live band performing. In my youth, I loved the night life with trusted friends where we all can down bottles of beers and still can sing along with the music. The current trends seemed to have metallic sounds dominating.  I used to cover a live band in Toronto where they wore ties and put on pomades and they play nostalgic music like Hotel California or the notoriously beautiful Bohemian Rhapsody. It was good. I seldom write about live bands as they aren't my forte I might ink a wrong narrative because I am a person who does not mutilate people who are doing their bests in their own fields. I remembered writing about a band accused of singing a lot of *F words which I overlooked and of which was no big deal with me if I ever did. Festivals are freewheeling and some can be notorious with reasons audiences must have a broader mindset to let go

Kayleigh Cerezo: You Made Us Proud!

Mini Pop Kids member, Kayleigh Cerezo The success of any artist lies solely on its unique talent and character. It must also have the right attitude towards passion of  singing and the ability to conquer the stage. I bet Kayleigh Cerezo, out of the 600 aspirants who auditioned for Mini Pop Kids,  must have shown the brilliance I've known since she was a very young girl. Kayleigh is noticeably charming, respectful and friendly. I knew her toying along with her mom on some occasions we both attended and Kayleigh will never forget to pay courtesy to me with her childish greetings with that wide smiles of hers. It was way back in 2014 on the first year of "Simbang Gabi"- a Filipino Christmas Tradition of 9 consecutive masses followed by fellowship and sharing foods brought by those who were assigned to serve the nightly refreshments. This was our first as I was tasked to organize and led so that our Canadian members of the community will understand this part of our

This Year's Summer Retreat Has Been Complete At Burleigh Falls

Fishing at Burleigh Falls, August 17, 2018.  Canada is blessed with enormous heavenly landscape and beautiful people. We all came from many parts of the world and yet we have the ability to adapt to our new environments so that strangers can suddenly become members of our extended families, even sweeter. In my life as a proud Canadian, I see to it that building friendship and staying loyal to them becomes paramount. In my sincere involvement in the community as an Advocate, like those with similar pursuit, we always find time to spend meaningful moments. For the last three years I guess, me, my roommate and a family including few other friends, we take a road trip to Peterborough with its  picturesque Burleigh Falls. this is our yearly rendezvous. We drove across the stretch of rural roads snaking through Peterborough and Kawartha Lakes to get there. Burleigh Falls is beautiful with its raging waters and naturally well- placed rocks that nature has created.  The murmu

Young Acrobatic Dancer Came Out A Crowd Pleaser At Flavours of the Philippines Event

I won't forget people who leave a mark in one instant moment. I was sitting in one event where a group of young entertainment students; music and dancing. The theatre was dimly lit as the music fades in and the screen slowly fills a digital display when a girl tumbles down for what I thought was a ballet dancer of some sort. But of course, the footwear indicated she wasn't. But her moves were different and you can pick her from among her fellow performers that I leaned on the person next to me asking her name. Jasmine Flores and that was it and everything else fades away as the event was over. It was repeated several times as I attended other events. I was sitting in the front at last year's Donekla show and I happened to be seated beside her mom. We talked about her daughter briefly. I was watching her leaping and twisting with such precision and confidence. What came to my mind was, "What sort of performance can she do alone?" I mean alone, as a single perf

Regina Sosing: Catch Her This Weekend At 1st Flavours of the Philippines Event

Regina Sosing, Radio Host Ottawa Tinig Pinoy Radio Distant friendship has been the order of the day since the spiral of Facebook which many have started denouncing and moved to Instagram which actually is own by Facebook. Facebook is king and what makes it ugly are the ugly people using it to their personal advantage and interest. For the brilliant ones who knows how to respect social media platforms that actually helped the world countless times by exposing injustices and crimes far- reaching than any laws of the land. Social Media scope is infinite. It erases boundaries which is a gift to humanity. Who remembered the lagging Telegram and post office mail? But in those times, there was no option but to wait for weeks and months before knowing the contents which means when you are angry, the emotion has changed. Unlike social media, the flare is fresh and maddening. But there are still genuine friendship that sparked from fleeting moments. Something that you saw one pers