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Leticia Maregmen laid to rest at Resurrection Cemetery in Whitby.  A basic 'capture' of important moments are important to Filipinos. I have done it twice in the past as requested at Internments. This time, at this very private and sensitive moment of my co- Executive Officer with DFCS I offered to capture the highlights of her sister's internment. Although I own all the copyrights of all the images, I knew that I cannot post them all online. It wasn't meant for public consumption. It was meant for them to look back a certain point of their lives where those who lost Ate Letty will remember the pains that goes with our mortality. Because there are moments, although painful, must be relived to give us all comfort. These pictures are all I will need here because I want those who loved this woman outside Ontario and elsewhere in the world how beautifully she was laid to rest. How, no matter the heavy steps can nurture the voids her passing has left those who were un


Clique who stirred the pot amongst the community early on is off the radar lately. Having them in the past for our charitable causes it made me wonder where they are now. I was told that an important milestone in their career is in the offing. They went to Vancouver lately for aggressive mentoring. I heard they're back. I browsed them on FB and I can see that they are spending summer and basking in beaches and other outdoor activities which is good for a respite. I accidentally found this photo when they performed in Ajax during the Induction of Officers by FCHRD. From then on, their last stint was at Shy Garrido's Concert if I am right. I am patient...I can wait when they draw the curtain again for a different Clique? I heard they're cooking up something. Perhaps, a transformation? Change is gooood!