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Aisha Penalosa: Iloilo Fashion Designer Flaunt Her Creation At Durham Filipino Fest In Oshawa 2019

Straight from Li ERON. Bringing her creation to Durham Region, September 14, 2019 I was at Pearson airport when I bumped on Marlene Lucas with Lovely Luna at the arrival area while they were waiting for two fashion designers arriving from the Philippines. I actually didn't pay much attention who they were except being told it's a mom and daughter tandem. I even stream it live for Marlene when they both emerged at the arrival gate. That was 2017 if I remembered it right while I was picking up my roommate from the Philippines as well. It was the mom Jaki that I can remember well.  Perhaps because she was wearing a distinctive highlight on her hair at that time. I heard a lot about the mother and daughter working together being both fashion designers. To me, all fashion designers have so much similarity in their creations. Some moderately brilliant at times when the creation they presented appeared confusing or inadequate to wear? For example when I was sitting at