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Finding Moana At Nyrah's Debut Party

    THEA  ASEDILLO AT NYRAH'S DEBUT PARTY, 10 FEB 2024-  Thea Asedillo who became popular after winning the 2023 CNE Talent Competition in Toronto with her singing prowess has embarked on a more challenging lead roles in Broadway. It was in January this year that I saw Thea playing the role of Princess Jasmine in a stage play Aladdin at Centennial Theatre in Whitby. She glitters on stage.  Thea was impressive pitting opposite the actor playing Aladdin. THEA PLAYING PRINCESS JASMINE IN ALADDIN shown at Courthouse Theatre in Whitby. This evening I bumped on Thea attending a debut party of Nyrah Teodoro whose dad J.R. Teodoro is a budding Filmmaker in Toronto. It was a surprise party but we missed the moment as we got lost so the party was already getting underway as we came in. We learned that Thea and Nyrah are schoolmates. Thea is once again playing the lead role of Moana Jr. in a JDL Production having a second showing at CITY PLAYHOUSE THEATRE, 1000 New Westminster Drive #101 in T
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Mother General Led Mourners To Bury One Of Their Own

Right: The Mother General outside the Mausoleum in Whitby Daughters of St. Mary of Leuca's Mother General Ilaria Nicolardi, was on canonical visit to Canada with her Vicar General Myriam Bacareza (a Filipina) when Sister Speranza D' Alessandro passed away last January 27, 2024 at the age of 88 years old.  Mother General Ilaria Nicolardi is on her third term as head of the Congregation of the Daughters of St. Mary of Leuca. Soon, Mother Alfonsa will be joining her in Rome as one of the members of Congregation's Council. During the vigil at their chapel in Markham, the Mother General emerged and shook every members of the community attending the vigil and thanking each one for coming to pay our respect. She looks extremely dignified and calm. A people's person, she exudes love, gentleness and godliness. No wonder why she holds that position for long elected by the members of the Congregation. You can readily pick her from among the crowd because of her poise and stature.

Too Little Time Too Soon

With Mother Speranza touching me...   This is my first blog since the pandemic in 2020. For over 2 years I left my keyboard and simply went to Facebook posting random stories of no value at all. Besides, there were no stories to tell. The world simply stopped turning although there were few community initiatives but the substance of storytelling wasn't just there at that time. I never even check this platform so I was surprise that some continue to visit this blog. Hopefully, this 2024 will invigorate my need for digital storytelling expression. Late last year we travelled to Montreal to help capture the nuns huge mass celebration in honour of their Mother Foundress who was beatified by Pope Francis in June 2023. Mother Elisa Martinez was born in 1905 and died in 1991. Only 32 years from her death and is already beatified. The congregation that she founded, the Daughters of St. Mary of Leuca  (DML) celebrated it the big way throughout the world where their congregation thrive. I es

Remember Me Concert

Fundraiser for singing priests from Mindanao, Philippines. You know how it is when you think high school English class was worthless? Then you are faced with a predicament because you have to read your own script and your mouth suddenly dry up and your lips become immobile you want to just hang on to the podium in the hope your salivary gland works again and help you say the words perfectly? But then it will never help because the truth love cutting classes in your grammar class in high school. Nevertheless you have to give that speech... But how I delivered my welcome message is irrelevant because what matters are the people that comes next who did an awesome job at the opening number for "Remember Me" Concert at St. Therese Catholic Church in Courtice with the Archdiocese of Cagayan De Oro City in Mindanao, Philippines. When I organized an event, I always pick some brilliant members of the community mostly Youths who are glittering with talents and how best

Hon. Leoncio Evasco Jr.: This Man Must Keep The Fight Against Corruption Burning

This post was shared and viewed over 30,000 times and it disappeared from here....This post was political so either I accidentally deleted it or a geek ensured it shouldn't be accessed anymore. Who knows.... The Philippine Cabinet Secretary during his unofficial visit in Canada last year 2017. Photo: Li ERON The Philippines is a cancerous society for a very, very long time. Corruption has reigned in this land for many ages and often, they won without a fight. When was it when a warehouse full of sacks of rice in the aftermath of typhoon Yolanda went all rotten because whoever was in-charged of distributing it failed the people miserably? But people tend to forget big time failures and clear corruption in front of them. The Filipinos will only shake their heads and move on as if it is a normal way of life. Look at the houses they built (featured by Ted Failon) where it all cracked and crumbled which is unsafe for dwelling. Obviously, the monies intended for this proje

The Front Act

FIENNESS MENDOZA   Will be the Lead Performer for the Front Act this July 24, 2015 "Remember Me Concert" by the CDO Clergies at St. Therese Parish Hall in Courtice, Ontario, 3800 Courtice Road North, Clarington, Durham Region. She is an emerging music artist, classic and powerful. A young songstress from Stony Creek, Ontario. Don't miss this very talented performer. She received an award for  Drama, Dance, Music, and Visual Arts (combined) and graduated with Honors. SAMANTHA GAVIN- She's born in General Santos City in Mindanao, Philippines and is now a member of an emerging pop sensation called "Candy Crush" in Toronto by Josie De Leon School of Performing Arts  JDL  Sammy gavin is a constant supporter of my fundraising events and I support her journey in the world of music. She dazzles along with her members of Candy Crush. She lives in Scarborough, Ontario. KAYLEIGH CEREZO- She sang Silent Night during the culmination of last year's Sim

Danielle Jade Laganson: A Blast from the Past

Danielle Jade, an Edmonton local artist. You are staring at her old photo when she turned 18 some years back. Currently, Jade is a few semesters away from graduating as a nurse in Edmonton. Like many stories of Canadian immigrants, we all struggled at the beginning of our new life in a new country on a frigid continent. I arrived in January 1998, 22 years ago in the evening, and I was wading through knee-deep snow on a -40 temperature. When I emerged from the airport, I thought my lungs will burst. I was suffocating that I went back inside at the waiting area to comprehend the reality I was facing; EXTREME COLD. Along the course as a neophyte in Canada, immigrants like me will find new friends and starts building a family of strangers. I was meeting new acquaintances and peers as we walked through the system of employment we were both in as Live-In Caregivers. Being under this program, you have limited choices. You need to live with your employer's residence for a d