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Ryan Orlanda: The Man For All Seasons

Ryan Orlanda at Durham Region Headquarters, June 7, 2024 Ryan Orlanda is a singer, dancer and event specialist in the Philippines. He also worked in Philhealth for 11 years.  Ryan wrote an original song, 'Ikaw Na Nga' and a Christian Album, 'A Love Song' that showed his immense talent in art and entertainment. He is one of the first batch of AMP STARMAGIC studying acting.  Ryan's personality is well-rounded. He does Djing, directs concerts and performing too. Ryan toiled to become a positive member of the community by promoting positivity and helping businesses and artists. He despises negativity. He meant what he preached by founding 'PINOYVIBESWORLD' now with over 50,000 Followers in social media. He is also the current vice president Pinoy Ontario Vendors. It is the many qualities of Ryan Orlanda that he is well grounded in the community. A man with pure intentions. Ryan is not just a friend but an ally who will never hesitate to lend a hand. It doesn'

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