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Re-Engaging With My Blog

 The virus that caused us to limit our potential and opportunities in life is still making rounds all over the world. As we hunkered down, we try to be positive and one of them is writing our life's stories and or activism in the community. I've been writing a book based on the many aspects of my journeys. I am not sure if it can be called a memoir, but it sure divert my focus away from the dreadful realities of life at the moment. Mental illness becomes prevalent all over and all I can say is, "take a grip" and wrestle with life like a champion. Despite the pronounced difficulties, it is still a beautiful world. Everyone embraces the digital world in place of the real one. Instead of going out, we spent time with our desktops and smartphones to connect and to become relevant. We owe it to be creative for our own well-being and we need that kind of easy approach in life. On my part, I focused on what I needed to do, and that is to finish my book. Writing a book have t

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