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Filipina Fraudster Maria Elaine Doble Jailed For Large Scale Fraud

Straight from Li ERON. The faces of Maria Elaine Doble's Scheme finally exonerated in court. March 5, 2019- Oshawa I have to wait for the court transcript before I speak in details about the Agreed Statement of Facts with regards to Maria Elaine Doble's case. But I will describe the day Maria Elaine Doble's legal defense repeatedly and clearly stated that the Leonardos were never a part o f the scheme and that they received the other victims' monies in good faith and without knowledge they came from her elaborate scheme which she learned from the internet.  Sitting in the courtroom for the final hearing where Maria Elaine Doble pleaded guilty to all the charges labelled against her; 1) possession of counterfeit mark, 2) possession of property obtained by crime, and 3) fraud over $5,000. The overall amount she has defrauded was $450,000 from several victims, including the Leonardos. And netted a sentence of 3 years with an additional 5 years if unable to p

Malou Jumao-As- Galapin: Climbed The Ladder of Success At Sunnybrook Hospital Must Inspire Those Who Dream

Straight from Li ERON. MALOU JUMAO-AS GALAPIN, RN, MA Leadership, CCN(C) Malou Jumao-as Galapin during her retirement and birthday celebration, February 22, 2019 Who would write a story without substance? And who would attend a party that has no meaning to your life? Some of us call it, courtesy. Something when we sat in a dimmed room full of music yet our minds wander to the other planet. But Malou Galapin, who sent her invitations with enough time for the guests to mark their calendars to ensure attendance, is no ordinary friend. My roommate who was asked to do the prayer for the blessing does her own feeling of knowing that the invocation meant something, so she spent time inking it. Others find it odd to read other people's stories but this one had a pinch of courage, determination and inspiration we all can reflect in our journeys because not everyone is lucky to be given an opportunity to rise and climb the ladder of success.  A maple tree plan