Filipina Fraudster Maria Elaine Doble Jailed For Large Scale Fraud

Straight from Li ERON.
The faces of Maria Elaine Doble's Scheme finally exonerated in court.
March 5, 2019-

I have to wait for the court transcript before I speak in details about the Agreed Statement of Facts with regards to Maria Elaine Doble's case. But I will describe the day Maria Elaine Doble's legal defense repeatedly and clearly stated that the Leonardos were never a part of the scheme and that they received the other victims' monies in good faith and without knowledge they came from her elaborate scheme which she learned from the internet. 

Sitting in the courtroom for the final hearing where Maria Elaine Doble pleaded guilty to all the charges labelled against her; 1) possession of counterfeit mark, 2) possession of property obtained by crime, and 3) fraud over $5,000. The overall amount she has defrauded was $450,000 from several victims, including the Leonardos. And netted a sentence of 3 years with an additional 5 years if unable to pay for retribution to her victims within her 3 years sentence. The Leonardos lost $240,000 including all the jewelries and expensive tools taken from them. Not to mention the dignity they lost and the emotional trauma they endured being used as the face of Maria Elaine Doble's scheme. These are irreparable damage that must be pursued even further.

Maria Elaine Doble is smart. The fact that she learns easily how to walk with her feet in shackles and in handcuffs escorted by Special Constables and she never tripped as she was ushered into a glass prisoner's box at courtroom 102. She never looked around and never threw a stare at the gallery where her victims sat and cried during the proceedings. The impact statements were very tough to listen. One of the victims have cancer who lost a lot of money and whose piggy bank Maria Elaine Doble also took and even helped in counting those loose coins spread in the living room of the victim. And because Maria Elaine Doble will not take the coins, she accompanied these victims to the bank for bills. A sickening, heartless and perverted woman.

Maria Elaine Doble who hides in the guise as an Immigration officer asked the Leonardos on three occasions to cook good foods because the immigration officer was coming for dinner. Then they were ordered to leave the house. In the court, we heard that Maria Elaine Doble scammed the other victims over dinner which the Leonardos cooked. Difficult to swallow knowing how this despicable woman insulted the intellect of all her victims.

Why did Maria Elaine Doble succeeded in her Express Entry Program Scheme? There are 3 reasons; 1) Love of family, 2) Kindness, and 3) Trust. Filipinos are so abundant with pity. Something the Leonardos who gave them shelter must learn. The desire to bring families here was Elaine Doble's chip and her ability to destroy friendships, build distrusts and rivalry among friends. It makes her dangerous. Her utter disregard for respect even to people who nourished her, her mother, her brother and child for 5 years is incomprehensible.

The court has spoken and threw the vulture in jail. Nothing else matter and those who wanted to crucify the Leonardos for whatever reason they have, ignoring investigative findings and evidence. They all become irrelevant anymore. Their reason and narratives of wanting to destroy these family is no longer of value.

I have learned a lot on this case which has profound impact in our reputation as Filipinos. It teaches me how immense cruelty can destroy lives. The Leonardos have tons of friends yet I can only count a few who reaches out to the family during the time of their great challenge and difficulties. 

As tears fell from my eyes along with those affected by this. I felt sorry for our community at large who hardly knew the enormity of this crime. There was so much reckoning on that day inside the courtroom. Feelings that I never had before and how hollow the outside world is. Because in reality, Maria Elaine Doble's crime makes Filipinos utmost vulnerabilities in full display.

What consoles me, after my eyes dried up, that I was given the opportunity to stay strong on some of my friends sweeping judgments. Do I care? I wouldn't even know who left and who stayed when the rain poured so hard on us.

It's time to move forward...constantly guarding the strength we found along this journey.

More on this case as we convert this tragedy into a strong Advocacy against fraud. The community must know the enormity of this crime because it can happen again.


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