Rosemer Enverga Carry On The Legacy Of Late Husband Sen. Tobias Enverga Jr.

Mrs. Rosemer Enverga at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, June 12, 2024 with Li Eron.

A long time friend of mine, Amy Basingan, was one of those in-charged of an event in Toronto. She invited me and eventually,  introduced me to Senator Tobias Enverga, Jr., the first Filipino-Canadian Senator in Canada and wife Rosemer. He was appointed to the Senate by the Prime Minister Stephen Harper as a Conservative Senator. He was appointed to the Senate of Canada on September 6, 2012.

By then I was starting to become visible in the community writing blogs and organizing and hosting events in Durham. Small, insignificant events. After meeting the good Senator, I started inviting him in my gatherings. His attitude and response was unforgettable.

This is where I truly knew the man and the Senator. Because despite my obscurity and insignificance, the Senator will show up and meet the people in attendance.

Sen.Tobias Enverga Jr. in Courtice for our fundraiser event for earthquake in Bohol in 2013 engaging with other guests.

Senator Enverga tirelessly supported communities in Ontario. Him as a senator is a busy man but he always finds his way to be there, to attend an event. He never missed any of my invitations. Because for me, Senator Enverga was the epitome of success. The one that rises above when Filipino Diaspora in Canada was still thin and less visible. Senator Enverga is an inspiration.

He initiated the flag raising ceremony at the Centennial Flame at Parliament Hill in Ottawa. The Senator was the first to unfurl the largest Philippine flag in all of Canada. This has become a yearly occurrence at Parliament Hill during June 12 Philippine Independence Day Celebrations in Ottawa.

The unfurling of the flag at Parliament Hill Centennial Flame, June 12, 2024 attended by Parliamentarians and Dignitaries.

After the untimely passing of Senator Tobias Enverga Jr. on November 16, 2017 while on parliamentary trip to Columbia, his wife Rosemer took to the forefront his legacy by continuing the unfurling of the giant flag at every Philippine Independence Day in Ottawa together with the people he has work with in his lifetime as senator.
One of many group photos during the day, June 12, 2024 at Parliament Hill on the occasion of 126the Philippime Indepeendence Day Celebration.

This June 12, 2024, his former peers at Parliament Hill delivered messages for the late Senator and thanked Rosemer Enverga for continuing this tradition.

Rosemer Enverga is also leading the Philippine- Canadian Charitable Foundation as concurrent president of this organization founded by the late Senator.

Sen. Enverga Jr. on the first Balangay Awards, 2017. Photo by Li Eron


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