Regina Sosing: A Community Firepower

In picture: Regina Sosing was Host of the Program at the Courtyard Reception, East Block of Parliament Hill, June 12, 2024.

A person has many qualities to make you feel at home and comfortable  and then you become the best of friends. My chance encounter at the first Golden Balangay Awards in 2017 started a lasting friendship with this amazing Tinig Pinoy Radio and FM radio personality, Regina Sosing. She is  better known as 'DJ REG'  by her followers.

She is very articulate. I think her brain never dries up, I mean, never gets foggy. Listening to her at the Gala Dinner at the launching of Golden Balangay Awards as she engaged a fellow Nominee at the table, I prayed she wouldn't look on my side.  I am frightful of anyone who articulates everything in the world. But she did...Regina is like a suction. She pulled everything and everyone towards her. Reg started asking questions to start a conversation with me. There is no way you can ignore her.

After that encounter, I became her follower on her radio program in Ottawa. We chat every now and then and discuss some issues sometimes. I love a highly intelligent person. Someone you can talk sensibly. There is that mutual respect between us.

This friendship became solidified at the launching of our first Durham Filipino Fest in 2019 where she travelled all the way to Durham region to be one of the MC's of the event. Travelling a significant distance to support me and our community is beyond words. She stayed the whole time and left to catch up her train late in the afternoon. How can you repay such gesture?

When Regina sent the invite for us to join the 126th Philippine Independence Day Celebrations in Ottawa, we can't resist. Tagging two friends with us, we took the more than four hours drive to Ottawa. We haven't seen each othe since the covid pandemic. It is time to see her. During the trip Regina kept the line open, checking on us.

Here's the content of her invitation:

JUNE 11th-
>  The Garden Party with his long time friend,  Canada's Opposition leader, Pierre Poilievre and his wife for Independent Media held at the official residence of the Opposition Leader. 

JUNE 12th-
>  Flag raising Ceremony at Ottawa City Hall. Reception at Philippine Embassy  in Ottawa.
>  Flag raising and unfurling of the biggest Philippine flag at Parliament Hill.
>  Parliament Hill Guided Tour and sitting at Question Period.
>  Courtyard Reception at East Block, Parliament Hill. The Program was hosted by our great friend Regina Sosing. This is the conclusion of the day's event.

Regina Sosing as MC at the Courtyard Reception June 12, 2024.

Let me thank Regina for awesome reception she has given us. She also invited Ronnie Dela Gana and wife Claire Dela Gana for a Durham ethnic media representations.

At the Courtyard, Regina Sosing took control of the stage with her impressive confidence as MC. Her gown  and how she carried it was classy. A true character of a Filipina. A firepower in the world of social media.