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Danielle Jade Laganson: A Blast from the Past

Danielle Jade, an Edmonton local artist. You are staring at her old photo when she turned 18 some years back. Currently, Jade is a few semesters away from graduating as a nurse in Edmonton. Like many stories of Canadian immigrants, we all struggled at the beginning of our new life in a new country on a frigid continent. I arrived in January 1998, 22 years ago in the evening, and I was wading through knee-deep snow on a -40 temperature. When I emerged from the airport, I thought my lungs will burst. I was suffocating that I went back inside at the waiting area to comprehend the reality I was facing; EXTREME COLD. Along the course as a neophyte in Canada, immigrants like me will find new friends and starts building a family of strangers. I was meeting new acquaintances and peers as we walked through the system of employment we were both in as Live-In Caregivers. Being under this program, you have limited choices. You need to live with your employer's residence for a d