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She won the 2015 Best in Vocals at her school of Performing Arts, the Josie De Leon School of Performing Arts JDL  in Scarborough branch at the gala night where JDL awarded their well deserving students. I have been following this girl's rise to her own niche' as a powerful vocalist although she belong to a group called Clique with four others including her older sister. But Keeana commands authority when it comes to solo performances. I always request for her to sing solo because we knew she will do it perfectly well. At 14, she already garnered many awards and winnings. The only question is, when her star starts to shine brightly. Here she is performing for her mom's birthday dinner at a party given for her. Hear her voice here once again as she sang her cover song of Arianna Grande.

BRITNEY WAITO: A Flicker In The Dark Coming Closer

I can see her utmost dedication of the art she wanted to find a place to shine. This kind of dream is tough especially for such a young mind. But Britney Waito in all those rare chances of watching her perform, made me wonder the right substance for this wonderful girl to finally hit the mark. It took Justin the 'Babe' to make it to the top including Michael Bubble'. They struggled to  finally claim success. But one thing I noticed, as  I followed the Vancouver Crooner; Michael Bubble' never gave up. He stayed longer as an unknown artist that for me was quite long enough to hang on to his dreams. But then he just find himself on top of the world; patience and perseverance pay. I want Britney to keep her dreams of singing. Success comes from those who fall and clawed their way back on top. It was just last week that I was asked by my instructor in class, 'what was my heroes journey?' I wasn't prepared for it. A heroes anything that we find