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There are reasons when people are thrust into your life. Even those complete strangers will become like your very own. In 1978, as I was a struggling student in college because of too much  inner and personal confusions about the me that people came to know, eventually. I find myself cuddling a newly born nephew in a very crowded bus as I went home on a college break. He was a few days old and terribly suffered a serious infection from unsterilized equipment it used to cut his umbilical cord. He survived with all those needles pricking his head and other parts of his body. He became like a son to me. As he was growing up, it was also the time that I left college so I was the one whose hands he holds all the time. We were inseparable and my nurturing instinct shielded him. He was fragile and showed signs of slow retention caused by that severe infection. I looked like I'm not capable of loving. On the contrary, I am fierce in protecting those that I love. He slept with m


I sent a message to the mother of one of Candy Crush' member, Sammy Gavin, asking her how far I might be from the stage. I was thinking about what camera lens I should bring. Her response was kind of puzzling to me, "The venue is not so big..." I attended Candy Crush 5 launching concert I think last summer. I was amazed at their chemistry; age wise and talents. I also noticed the stylish outfits these young performers were wearing which compliments their looks and that was the launching phase of this new group. Last night's concert by CC5 (Candy Crush 5) was of course their second one. I was late that my first video was in peripheral angle because the show has started and I tried catching whatever was on stage I forgot to properly hoisted my tripod. I then moved to the front where I got a seat at the front giving me a decent angle for my camera. I loved the colourful balloons on stage. It was lively, really nice to the eyes. And yes, the stage was a bit cramp.