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Crossover Basketball Team Supports Simbang Gabi In Courtice

CROSSOVER CANADA WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP IN MALAYSIA, DEC. 2017 Every Filipino kid plays basketball once in their life time or they make it their lifetime passion. I bet every front yard or backyard back home has a basketball court. This is not just a popular  sports the world over. This is a Filipino sport. This is like boxing for the more beastly sports enthusiasts. RECENT CHAMPION So here in Durham Region, our Filipino community is lucky that a passionate man lives here- Mike Cruz, who is the Founder/Coach of Crossover Canada. A basketball team with brilliant players who in recent years had been travelling overseas to compete, the likes of SM NBTC AT DREAMERS LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL BASKETBALL CHALLENGE. Playing internationally is huge for Crossover Canada. CROSSOVER CANADA WON AND BECAME CHAMPION on the 5th CUP BOYS UN16 INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL/CLUBS BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 this first week of December 2017 in Malaysia. The winning team comprises of the follow

Retrospect: Simbang Gabi In Courtice

With MOTHER ULRICA- undated photo. When I moved to Ontario from Alberta in 2002, I was like a wandering ghost attending masses at various churches. I based my loyalty of attendance to a church by a priest's homily. It's like when everyone's literally snoring,  believe that I won't be back. Homily substance is pretty much one of the things I look forward to in a mass. The Eucharist is of course, basic. So from St. Joseph church in Oshawa, I attended St. Gertrude's also in Oshawa and I came back a couple of times.  No offense to the priest that time in St. Joseph, I did  came back occasionally. Then in 2005, me and my friend bought a house in Courtice. We were living on an attic and we were toast all the time from winter to summer months, we were going bald as the curving roof is just over head. The new house brought us new hopes and new beginnings. It's not a house for the rich but it was big enough to call home. So we were informed about where the c

Remembrances: Tender Moments At DeStefano

THE LIGHTED CANDLES. Photo: Li ERON I lost my mother in 1996 when I was working overseas and because she was very closed to me, her passing was immensed. The feelings of sadness came like painful episodes. In those times, I called trusted friends and cried a lot on the phone. The loss of someone very dear, like Ate Connie's loss, her husband, is tremendous. The pain will never leave, no matter how distant that time was, but not so distant as a couple of months. Experience taught us many things in life so those people who are reaching out to stand by them when they needed friends...You will never failed them. The Pianist. Photo: Li ERON So early this evening, despite being down the weather, I and my roommate joined Ate Connie, whose friendship began with our Simbang Gabi, in memory of her husband, Kuya Ed at De Stefano Chapel where they honour those they served. With Ate Connie People drift in at the Chapel beautifully decorated to fit the occasion. The atmosphere