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Pinoy Radio: An Online Platform

A collaboration coming soon... Life's journey is full of many surprises. Like pregnant mothers, one can just have a miscarriage and suddenly lost their baby for many reasons. A dream plan can just go horribly wrong or become untimely? But that's what people are, like a child in the womb, once it reaches its month of maturity, it must come out to the world and see the light of day. I've been devoting my time to my soon to be published book. At the same time, trying to polish a finished story before I will give it to the hands of a Videographer willing to shoot it as a documentary film from scratch and from a zero financing scheme until someone will refuse to shoot her/his part because the dough must be on the table. I hope not....until the eggs are hatch on its perfect timing. Plan B in effect...and a must. Aside from all these "shooting the stars" scenario and daydreaming is just a part of life. A pursuit we all need to keep in order to keep us busy posit

Samantha Gavin Made It To The Grand Finals Of Long & McQuade

Samantha Gavin at a concert in Oshawa in 2017 The motif was mint green (Or something like that) at a wedding where I was asked to capture in 2004. During the reception and as the wedding event was waning, this very young girl took the floor with her songs, and yes, she was wearing the wedding motif gown that I thought was a little  loose on her making her look so cute. That was the first time I saw Samantha Gavin which I think she was only 9 y/o at that time. If I am not mistaken, her mother hails from Mindanao, Philippines. "Sammy" as she is fondly called, is noticeably an aspirant singer, if I am to look back at that wedding reception where she eventually closes that evening's curtain with the mic on her hand. As a community leader and blogger, my path crossed a couple of times and her mom eventually became a friend. Then I noticed Sammy became visible in the local music scene at our community. She belongs to a musical group and she trained at a local entertain

Dreams Of Better Tomorrows Can Be Tragic

The body of an OFW in Kuwait found in the freezer arrived in the Philippines. (Internet photo: Copyright to its author.) OVERSEAS FOREIGN WORKERS knew the uncertainties of it all. The moment you stepped out of your doorsteps to work abroad, there is no guarantee what lies ahead. Filipinos are highly intelligent, but our sense of fear of losing what we work hard to achieve makes us vulnerable. No Filipinos wanted to leave home. But poverty and the need to earn a decent living drives us to try our luck. The goodbyes are always painful, a tragic homecoming is the more unbearable. I recalled in 1990 on my first departure to the territory where a fellow OFW, a mother to a one month old baby at the departure area. Her husband brought their infant and put the baby on her mother's lap before boarding the plane. The sobbings of a mother haunted my overseas journey, even now. That separation from a mother's bosom to a child, and the mother's emptiness was truly difficult t

Conservative Party Convention And The Media

The media frenzy during the Conservative Party's  Convention in 2017.  I came from a country where corruption is the order of the day. From all sectors of the government down to the military, everyone were trying to outdo each other with power. Canada offered me a different perspective; that corruption is at its very low level, if any. For the last 20 years of my being a Canadian, I spend most of my time being visible in the community, as a Volunteer and as writer, bringing issues affront. When I arrived in Alberta in 1998, I founded an organization for Caregivers, in Edmonton. We were able to change the landscape of the lives of Live-In Caregivers by making them embrace the many opportunities in Canada. They slowly emerged from their life in the basements at their employers homes and started going back to school to pursue their respective careers. Even when I moved to Ontario to be closer to  my relatives, my ties of my network in Alberta remains strong. It isn't ju

A Local Talent In Toronto On Indie Film

Charlene Franco- Salehinejad as "Mary"  on her first supporting role on a film. [Erratum: Charlene's role is "Myrna" and no "Mary" on 'Forced To Let Go' film] There is a reason why I had to pry open every important casts of characters on "Forced To Let Go" true-to-life story of "Mangarap Ka" films because I wanna make sure this film is worthy of our time and support. Google paid for my blogs so who cares about the production staff, the stars of this film if I come out short of motivation to support this film? I cannot sugarcoat my narratives in case they will withdraw from patronizing my blogs or community events. We need  to construct the framework in which this film is made of in terms of its emerging artists. Because I don't believe on utilizing famous actors and actresses. Beginners and first-timers are best because this is where innocence and genuine emotions flow. It's like knowing Liezel Malicay who pl

The Art Of Giving To My Alma Mater

One of the school's oldest buildings... Garcia Park Elementary School located in the outskirts of the town of Talibon, Bohol, Philippines was a large area of barren land. In the middle rises a single mountain that nestled perfectly to compliment the tall grasses that grows around it. This piece of barren land was discovered by the town's public school's District Supervisor driving by in the mid 1950s. The head of the public school in Talibon fall in love with the place and thought of building a school. But in order to accomplish his vision, he needed to meet with the villagers in the area and solicit their help. Owners of the land must donate those lands to build a school. The peasants who owned the land agreed. My uncle, who has a parcel of land in the area also donated it. He was then the public school's District principal of our town. The school's main building... The school was built and finally opened in 1959.  Our house was located half a kilomete

Liezel Malicay: From High School Queen To Indie Films

Star of "Forced To Let Go" - Ma. Liezel Malicay At 6 y/o, she was already the darling of the crowd at their hometown in Zamboanga City, Mindanao, Philippines. She danced and sing at local gatherings at the encouragement of her mom. In order to develop her early interest in the arts, young Liezel participated on local pageants and singing competitions. At age 8, she was a winner on a singing competition. It was followed by a two year ballet lessons. When a child is gifted, they always find extra curricular activities and Liezel Malicay wasn't immune to that. In high school, she was elected number 1 "Senator" and "Auditor" from third year to fourth year in the whole school. Beautiful and brainy, Liezel focused on her chosen field studying Biology in college. No "slow' student will be able to take up Biology and Liezel earned her Diploma on Bachelor of Science in Biology. It wasn't enough for the youngest sibling of seven. She to

Movie Them Song Video Released

Singer Liza Silagan interprets a Li ERON song composition- Dream. Photo: Li ERON The official music video of one of my original music compositions (which was written in Tagalog and translated in English) by Toronto singer, Chyrell Samson and which music was created and produced by her husband Rodney Ronquillo, DREAM was filmed in Niagara Falls and nearby areas in the late autumn months in 2017. We let it simmer. Today, I received the final edited version of the music video and I think it's superbly done by Vladimir Reyes of R&R Digital Media Solutions who shoot the video. Vladimir Reyes captured the beauty of Niagara Falls that perfectly complimented the powerful voice of Liza Silagan, a professional singer way back in the Philippines. Liza Silagan travelled overseas as leader of the band before it dismantled and Liza Silagan pursued her overseas dreams. Vladimir Reyes on camera for the filming of Dream Music Video. A gifted singer, who in her high school years,

Meet Analyn Aryo of Mangarap Ka Films

ANALYN ARYO Analyn Aryo hides her enormous talents by being nowhere. You hardly know where she is and I guess as a writer, author, scriptwriter, playwright and production director, being away from the limelight is more deserving to someone who puts life to stories we will soon see on screen through "Mangarap Ka" episodes. Analyn Aryo is Pinoy Dreams International Scriptwriter. She is also the author of a book, , “NANNY TALES: VOICES FROM the DIARY OF AN OVERSEAS FILIPINO WORKER (OFW), JANUARY 2009,  BENGUET, PHILIPPINES.  A collection of stories, vignettes and poems on the experiences and challenges of working as a domestic helper in Hong Kong.  Analyn's  skills includes creative writing, content development and hosting. Analyn d evelop and write episode scripts for Mangarap Ka (Dream!), an on-line docu-drama highlighting the various experiences, struggles, and challenges of live-in caregivers and temporary workers in Canada particularly on issues about immigrat

Sugarpops: A Local Singing Trio

The Sugarpops: Emma, Kayleigh and Nicole You give a Filipino a microphone and you won't get it back. We all can sing, whether drinking in a small sari-sari store or on a big arena and we shine like a fireball.  We are born to sing! Here in Canada, Toronto I guess, is the most thickly populated city in Canada where singers sprouted almost every day. So we are kind of 'used to it' that this and that can sing. No big deal. I was having an informal meeting late last year and this professor from a school in Durham was presenting a draft of an event and when I look at it, there was Sugarpops on the list as a breaker. We then discussed the talent fee and when he blurted a certain amount I tried to tell him about Sugarpops being 'very new' in terms of performances. I thought the TF was a little expensive.  The prof's argued how good the Sugarpops  is, like, they've been guesting on many occasions, he said. He was very convincing, defending Sugarpops li

Judith Gonzales Breaking New Grounds With 'Mangarap Ka' Film

A rising documentary filmmaker- Judith Gonzales Brilliant people never sit still. They are like grown ups with so much testosterone spilling out their ears. They are hungry for new things and they never stop until they found their dreams, their passion and their love of things that they want in their lives. If you read a lot, you will be able to understand between Non-linear and Linear personality. Linear ones are content waiting for normal turn of events like a farmer waiting for the season's harvest. The non-linear ones come tumbling down and if they could reshuffle everything like making a dough,  or invent things to keep momentums in their lives,  they will do it. They can't wait, they want to dismantle things and rebuild it. So is it a good thing? Are those people who wanted to experiment and or invent, create, twist and innovate, isn't it scary? Only God is infinite or the so called, "God has no end nor beginning." Well,  that is God with sublim