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A WOMAN OF CONQUEST: Agnes Pasaporte Miranda

  Agnes Pasaporte Miranda's WFG Office hangs trophies and awards of a lifelong journey in business and community service. It was 2017 when she walked into the first Golden Balangay Awards and I knew she was somebody in the community they looked up to. As she settled on a table not far from where I was, most eyes were fixated at her. It could have been enough to pry on this woman and get a scope of who she was. But I am not a gossiper nor a backstabber who would desperately want to know a person to start something interesting or intriguing. Then as the awarding begins, there she was being called for an award. I could barely remember her name because when it comes to business themes, I am definitely drooling. That encounter of this woman happened again at Pinoy Radio studio where I was hosting a public service program. When she came out, I think I was introduced with her and Danny Orbillo who was co-hosting their show. It was casual, selfies were taken and then they left. Her name ki

Philippine Comedian In Toronto

Donita Nose with an audience participant. Photo: Li ERON Selling tickets for Donita Nose and Super Tekla in Durham was a little  tough but I managed a group of ten on the final week. You add that we were busy with Simbang Gabi and the flu...I almost didn't make it. But Mike is a fellow community leader and we've been supporting each other so Tylenol can do magic. That's why I took a ride with the Leonardos on their pick up truck with two other friends, Vilma and daughter Trix. I sold the tickets to husband and wife Pablito and Mica Leonardo in which he said, "I don't like comedy. They will pick you from the audience and make fun of your ugly face when you are a paying patron. If it happens I will walk out." Imagine when it actually happened....but wait, let me start from the beginning. On the evening of the show, I have an all access media pass so I was separated from my group having decided to sit at the front for a clear view. I haven't watch