Philippine Comedian In Toronto

Donita Nose with an audience participant. Photo: Li ERON
Selling tickets for Donita Nose and Super Tekla in Durham was a little  tough but I managed a group of ten on the final week. You add that we were busy with Simbang Gabi and the flu...I almost didn't make it. But Mike is a fellow community leader and we've been supporting each other so Tylenol can do magic. That's why I took a ride with the Leonardos on their pick up truck with two other friends, Vilma and daughter Trix.

I sold the tickets to husband and wife Pablito and Mica Leonardo in which he said, "I don't like comedy. They will pick you from the audience and make fun of your ugly face when you are a paying patron. If it happens I will walk out." Imagine when it actually happened....but wait, let me start from the beginning.

On the evening of the show, I have an all access media pass so I was separated from my group having decided to sit at the front for a clear view. I haven't watch a comedy show all my life, much more knowing who Donita Nose and Super Tekla are in this world. I'm not on these kind of shows. It was more on supporting Mike Cruz than having fun with these two comedians.

The event host, CHRIS ZOLETA. Photo: Li ERON
The show's host, Mr. Chris Zoleta, one of Toronto's finest event Emcees,  knows how to warm up  the audience. It was followed by an array of young local artists as the event opens. The Front Acts, from budding female singer, Elle Renee to Star Circle Academy of Entertainment artists, they sugarcoat the pre-event, including the special appearance of Shanaia Gomez, a GMA artist. There were notable young performers, the likes of Sugarpops, Charms, Britney Waito and a male performer named Gian who chewed Despacito like it was his own song. The collab that Star Circle and production people did for the part of the opening acts were beautifully woven.

Sugarpops for one, is composed of young girls, namely; EMMA, KAYLEIGH & NICOLE is now proving themselves capable of a very good performance. They're getting highly noticeably good. Let me add the acrobatic dance by Jasmin Souter. Those young ones which I think comprises children from other culture. Star Circle is making waves and expanding. I love that when parents put their kids to where their passions are at a very early age.

Charms with Britney Waito looked stunning on red fitted pants. There were other groups from Star Circle from other levels of skills. All in all, the opening acts were already a stunner. 

As the curtain rises for the two Comedians- Donita Nose and Super Tekla, the audience became the more alive. As a newbie to comedy I was wondering how this night turned out to be.

As the duo delivered their opening salvo, Donita Nose' vocals was really, really good, crisp and clean. Let us not forget that Donita Nose can also sing on a male voice perfectly.

Poking fun at each other is a Filipino way. Laughing hard at our own faults and weaknesses or even others are at time construed as normal even off stage. So there goes the *F words we all are very familiar with our own culture. Words that will make my father turned like fresh squid from the sea.

These two GMA comedians as per the audience response are really popular. Peeking from my lens, I could tell Donita Nose is actually pretty, er good looking on a feminine outfit. I guess I can safely and respectfully brand her as a transgender who said he did his gender transformation in Thailand who fall short of the total fee so the surgeons left his testicles hanging there like a bad goiter until he had it completely fix. But really, dealing with comedians and listening to them, you will be a genius if you can tell which of their punchlines are true.
Donita Nose. Photo: Li ERON

Donita Nose handled her part pretty well fondly coercing audience to coughed up some cash as tokens of their requested songs. Everything for me, including the many *Fs were manageable and acceptable and the crowd bursts in laughter as curses after curses came one after the other. Donita Nose took command of the floor and her performance including the audience participation part calling good looking guys to come on stage. Three guys and as she pointed to the side were my friends were seated I started to become uncomfortable. She was calling Pablito Leonardo who hates this part and told me he will walk out the door when called on stage. One of our friends was actually pulling him off his chair.

As this scenario unfolds, I was thinking of standing up and talk to Pablito if he was okay but then I knew it will kill the fun so I let it go and watch. I saw Pablito Leonardo walked confidently on stage passing by me and saw him smiling. Donita Nose floats on a well- calculated castigations only an ace comedian can do and she did it well with Pablito. It was a mixture of fun and brutality.

With Pablito Leonardo as audience participant. Photo: Li ERON
Donita Nose has no idea who the man she was crucifying on stage for the name of comedy was. Although Pablito stood like Steven Seagal in his younger days; brusque, towering and manly, despite his visible fading scars on his face, Pablito played and absorb those hurtful funny antics in stride on that very moment. A victim of a workplace accident where he was one of those working in a tunnel that accidentally exploded leaving him fighting for his life with burns all over his body. A man who, after over two years of surviving that accident, is slowly on his road to full recovery. A man with heavy emotional trauma that he also face and winning it back. His words of rebuttal being called on stage and to be made fun of was ringing in my ears.

I was surprised watching Pablito enjoying every moment of it. After all, Donita Nose is a big star in the Philippines as a comedian. The comically intended humiliations thrown at him was actually a form of therapy for him and that God has a way of letting Pablito know he has healed completely because I can't take the punches Donita Nose was throwing at him on stage, really. Pablito surprisingly betrayed his previous statements to me. 

It wasn't coincidental. It was also reckoning for me that even in a comedic circumstance, people will not take unfairness quietly. The song that Donita Nose sang to two of the handsome guys ended short so Pablito cannot be serenaded. A well- versed production stunts intended to play on people's emotions. And the audience roared that Donita must serenade Pablito as well. This is a moment when you knew that people take injustice very seriously. At the end, Pablito captivated the audiences hearts by dictating the outcome as Donita asked. 

Super Tekla & Donita Nose in Toronto. Photo: Li ERON

Life is a series of lectures, lessons, and awakening. My friend Pablito is basking in the delight that he became a part of this superb comedian's antics. Something unforgettable and rare for a Canadian who has suffered much in one chapter of his life. 

LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE, yes we all know and these two firepower must continue punching people's noses by the millions and be instruments of laughter. That's what the world needs.

KUDOS to my friend Mike Cruz of Audiospin Entertainment for a job well done at starting 2018 on the right note.
Super Tekla in Toronto. Photo: Li ERON

Front Act.  Photo: Li ERON
Jasmin Souter. Photo: Li ERON

Front Act. Photo: Li ERON

Gian. Photo: Li ERON

Elle Renee. Photo: Li ERON


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