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Marlene Lucas & Merecyl Cauton: The Real Troupers Came First For Valentine Gala 2020

Merecyl Cauton (L) and Marlene Lucas are real troupers from the West. I have a bad habit of not sending scripts on time for an event. Often times it happened when I knew that the assigned master of ceremony is well-equipped to do the job. But at last Saturday's Valentine Gala at Tosca Banquet Hall in Oshawa, the MC came with the Runway Canada CEO in tow for one reason; the script. To think that Merecyl Cauton drove all the way from Brampton and then pick up Toronto's popular fashion show organizer which I called "The Matriarch of Fashion" I was a little embarrassed for failing to send the script on time. Real Troupers! Both of them are busy on their own personal affairs and here they are, finding time to show their ardent support to our community undertakings a little bit far from where they live. An experienced host picks up a horrible draft and make it all work. On instances that I don't want to spend time wondering if this person can do it or not. I no