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A WOMAN OF CONQUEST: Agnes Pasaporte Miranda

  Agnes Pasaporte Miranda's WFG Office hangs trophies and awards of a lifelong journey in business and community service. It was 2017 when she walked into the first Golden Balangay Awards and I knew she was somebody in the community they looked up to. As she settled on a table not far from where I was, most eyes were fixated at her. It could have been enough to pry on this woman and get a scope of who she was. But I am not a gossiper nor a backstabber who would desperately want to know a person to start something interesting or intriguing. Then as the awarding begins, there she was being called for an award. I could barely remember her name because when it comes to business themes, I am definitely drooling. That encounter of this woman happened again at Pinoy Radio studio where I was hosting a public service program. When she came out, I think I was introduced with her and Danny Orbillo who was co-hosting their show. It was casual, selfies were taken and then they left. Her name ki