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"From Janet With Love" Not Just A Digital Storytelling

With Janet Mahilum Haydock at STRAIGHT from Li ERON LIVE ON AIR In my remote barrio, I was the first to work overseas. But even before that, I grew up in the shadow of my father who selflessly gave himself to the peasants who can't hardly read. He was always responsive to the needs of his fellow barrio folks who looked up to him for wisdom and guidance. During his death, people from all walks of life sent him to his final resting place. I am not as good as him. Although I did my share of giving, it didn't even reach half the efforts my father did in his lifetime. All I am capable of is acting like a magnet and gather people of the same mindset, vision and passion to accomplish something. I can only lead the people who are as passionate as I do. I don't believe that friendship can be measured by how many times you attend a party with lavish foods. Real friendship is measured on those odd predicaments where someone's life is in a peril. These are the things I can

Shairah Garrido: Canada's Ballad Princess

Canadian Singer Shairah Garrido with Ryan Orlanda and mom Alma Garrido In my busy life and dedicated priorities, I sometimes overlooked to pay attention on what should have been important for me to admire and support with all my might. Shairah Garrido, a young singer from Hamilton, Ontario has been a consistent contender at every music competitions and often, brings home the beacon. Shairah Garrido and mom Alma. I will not be narrating every bits of her achievements as an accomplished singer from the Filipino community in Ontario. Leave you some for research so you will know her at your own pace and at your own sincere discovery as to how and why this singer must be on our list as one that is formidable. Shairah Garrido is one whose feet is fully grounded on the very ground where she began her journey at a young age. I read through her name among many aspiring singers from our community. all of which I took noticed, admire and follow. But like the hum drums of our dail

AFCA 40th And I Was A Silent Shooter For An Ex- Prez Minerva Hilado Garcia

AFCA 40 years- Oath taking with the newly installed president, Vida Cruz. Photo: Li ERON Table # 21 Smart people, they knew what to do with me. Take me to the party, feed me and give me drinks and I'd be walking in tow whenever you are put on the Spotlight. My camera and my photos are not meant to win in a photo contest. It is meant to re-enforce the story I gonna write about you. In olden times, they call it Advertorial. Today, I called it a form of  "Social Intercourse" where I engaged people to read a certain story. It's like writing about the Philippine Cabinet Secretary and I got over 30,000 stats. I don't care anymore how Analytics work. That's what my audience from various parts of the world demographics have shown. However, I am so anemic with people clicking on the Follower button. Darn if I will beg for them to follow me. No way! I am more focused on my story with a pinch of gossip if you want. Minerva H Garcia with hubby at AFCA

Shairah Garrido Serenaded Moms On Mother's Day

I was holding a fundraiser on behalf of a community member in Durham Region some years back and enlisted  some local artists who devoted their time for the cause. When it comes to popular artist in the Toronto area and surrounding areas, I am not too oriented back then. I was told that one of the guests performer came from Hamilton and her name was Shy Garrido. As guests trickled in and so was Shy Garrido with her parents and siblings in tow. Every one involved that evening travelled far, but the Garrido's were even farther, travelling from Hamilton.  I was told about Shy Garrido's character as a singer and her elevated status being one of the bests within our community. I was formally introduced to the family and chatted with the mom, Alma Garrido whom I find to be warm and humble despite the rising status of her daughter Shy.  There are people who just made you feel comfortable right away and Alma Garrido is one of them. An artist is determined by her performance and th

Press Release: Duffers Swing Clubs for Charity: Mars Cebrero Cup 2018

Duffers Swing Clubs for Charity:  Mars Cebrero Cup 2018 by Marisa Roque (TORONTO, Ontario)  The gorgeous summer weather is just crying out for people to go out and enjoy the outdoors! And what better way to do this--and help a worthy cause at the same time--than to come and support CHSNAF Canada's charity golf tournament.  Dubbed the "Mars Cebrero Cup 2018," the event honours Mars Cebrero, the husband of Patty Cebrero, an officer and member of CHSNAF Canada.  Mars is a golf enthusiast who is well known, loved, and respected as a community organizer. Mars passed away in September 2017 and the tournament, to be held on  July 8, 2018  at the Royal Ontario Golf Club ( 6378 Trafalgar Rd., Hornby , ON L0P 1E0), seeks to raise funds in his memory.  A portion of the funds raised will be donated to Kids Help Phone and Eva's Initiative.  Both organizations are dedicated to helping troubled, at-risk, and homeless children and youth. CHSNAF Ca

Mother's Day And Why We Do Things To Honor Them

STRAIGHT From Li ERON guest: Andra Stancu If there is one moment I will do in my life is to visit my mother's grave everyday since the day she died. But like many failed wishes and promises, this sort of longing remains a hopeless vision especially those of us who found another country to call home. My mother's death was sudden. Although a month before, I was able to make a final homecoming where we had the opportunity to touch each other's hands. But hat last visit, she was distant and I always find her sitting on an empty bed by the window looking far away. She wasn't like that. I felt she had trouble looking at me which was odd. It was also this time that she cornered me in my room and asked one thing I will never forget, "Please promise me you will not change religion?" I think I laughed and embraced her. "I haven't fulfilled my being catholic? How can I changed religion?" But her piercing look meant I had to raised my hand for a prom

Janet Mahilum- Haydock: An Amazing Philantropist

Photo by world renowned photographer Rita Leistner from Legacies 150 story of From Janet With Love For someone to travel a distance to tell her story or a fraction of it, is heartwarming. It's been decades of writing my journeys and the many journeys of others, Janet's story is one that sounded like a hoax or something written with pure wicked spirit. Until you look at the images of truth. I cannot do what this woman did in name of charity. Something that this woman redefined completely. Our community is riddled with many duplicates of everything. When I decided to come on board in the broadcasting industry, a neophyte at that, I have one thing in mind; to bring in the people who wrestled with life and learned from it from the dusty roads of life. We cannot be taught wisdom, because life itself is the ultimate master of life.  Humans cannot walk a certain road as if it is rosy and sunny. We cannot even trust mother nature not to throw shrapnels on our roads of life