Shairah Garrido: Canada's Ballad Princess

Canadian Singer Shairah Garrido with Ryan Orlanda and mom Alma Garrido

In my busy life and dedicated priorities, I sometimes overlooked to pay attention on what should have been important for me to admire and support with all my might. Shairah Garrido, a young singer from Hamilton, Ontario has been a consistent contender at every music competitions and often, brings home the beacon.
Shairah Garrido and mom Alma.

I will not be narrating every bits of her achievements as an accomplished singer from the Filipino community in Ontario. Leave you some for research so you will know her at your own pace and at your own sincere discovery as to how and why this singer must be on our list as one that is formidable.

Shairah Garrido is one whose feet is fully grounded on the very ground where she began her journey at a young age. I read through her name among many aspiring singers from our community. all of which I took noticed, admire and follow. But like the hum drums of our daily lives we got caught up with knowing the best. In the realities of life and in the fierce competition of your chosen career, one stands out. sometimes I go wrong on momentarily believing on something. But once the engagement becomes real and the interaction a breath away, I then will realize, Shairah Garrido is indeed a singer to reckon with.

Shairah Garrido

Arriving at Pinoy Radio studio in Vaughan last May 13, 2018 Mother's Day, she wore her instinctive smile, greeting those around her. She also looked fancy on a leather over coat. It made her look exactly how she looks, a star.

Her appearance at my Sunday radio show, STRAIGHT from Li ERON was a blessing having about six mothers sitting in celebrating mother's day as guests. Those mothers who abandoned their family celebrations in order to appear live on radio were also supporting the Heartbeat Media Inc. Blood Drive the day before, donating blood to save lives. An initiative to make blood donation awareness in our Filipino community.

Shairah Garrido's presence was a gift to all the Mothers sitting in the studio, her mom Alma and all those mothers all over the world. Shairah's voice is the kind of tone that you can fall in love so quickly. At this point, where I heard her sing up close, everyone in the room fall silent as Shairah brought us to a spin on an invisible hammock as her voice sounded like a lullaby.  As guests were Fay Graves, Lita Krawchuk, Jhel Kopp, Eve Calma, Mely Titus and Cristeta Amakali who successfully donated blood day before.

Episode 10 guests, Mother's Day tribute.

Let us support Shairah Garrido and wait for her future solo concerts! And am grateful to Alma Garrido for supporting my radio program and my initiatives. And for Shairah for coming to the show.

Episode 10 guests for Mother's Day with Shairah Garrido.


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