AFCA 40th And I Was A Silent Shooter For An Ex- Prez Minerva Hilado Garcia

AFCA 40 years- Oath taking with the newly installed president, Vida Cruz. Photo: Li ERON

Table # 21
Smart people, they knew what to do with me. Take me to the party, feed me and give me drinks and I'd be walking in tow whenever you are put on the Spotlight. My camera and my photos are not meant to win in a photo contest. It is meant to re-enforce the story I gonna write about you. In olden times, they call it Advertorial. Today, I called it a form of  "Social Intercourse" where I engaged people to read a certain story. It's like writing about the Philippine Cabinet Secretary and I got over 30,000 stats. I don't care anymore how Analytics work. That's what my audience from various parts of the world demographics have shown. However, I am so anemic with people clicking on the Follower button. Darn if I will beg for them to follow me. No way! I am more focused on my story with a pinch of gossip if you want.

Minerva H Garcia with hubby at AFCA 40th anniversary. Photo: Li ERON

And yes, those who've invited me and knows my trade and my brand would let me sit unobstructed. There are a million bloggers but few are real storytellers. Let's leave it at that. So the Scarborough Convention Centre is classy which I think a small time organizer will have to eat dust before getting this kind of venue. Large chandeliers and fancy centrepieces....neat! Our table was situated at the opposite end of the room where the stage was. Meaning, I need to march a dozen steps to get to the stage to capture who I want.

AFCA- Association of Filipino-Canadian Accountants was celebrating its 40th year Anniversary and of course you can expect the "above the level" members of our community. Don't get me wrong, these Accountants are doing charitable works during Tax seasons in Canada volunteering on Centres giving their services for free. I know that because a friend works as a social worker somewhere in Toronto and we gossip sometimes who does this and who doesn't.
Mr. Jojo Taduran. Photo: Li ERON

The SCC was indeed packed with notable faces one of which is my considered mentor,  Jojo Taduran and wife Fe Taduran. Then the Filipino Women's Club wearing their formal long dresses one of which brought me to their table announcing the "me' is here. "Oh, now I finally met her." Thanks for omitting sir, after all, we are no longer to address anyone but call them out in general terms. Good for me! Selfies flying here and there while I left my modest canon on the table after snapping a few for the ladies.

Maneuvering an organization for 40 years is not a joke. It means AFCA is build on solid grounds. It also means everyone in this organization obviously chewed numbers like those fresh peanuts from Lucky Market in Ajax. 

Ladies at Filipino Women's Club. Photo: Li ERON
The dinner was buffet which complimented the two anniversary bottles of red and white wine. I love white wine better than red especially if it's a little sweet.  So no one needs to ask when the bottle suddenly went half. The event was also the installations of new officers and the installation of the AFCA new president, Vida Cruz, glorious in red.  The event unfolds at a slower pace than other events normally do but it doesn't bother me because I had a pleasant conversation with the Estacion owner Jane Manalang. I find her very prim and educated. The conversation was subtle and professional. 

On the other side of the round table sat one of the former presidents of AFCA- Minerva H Garcia with an equally quiet hubby.  He is the kind of guy that is so quiet which I like on the table rather than having someone who wouldn't quit talking. The Accountant was also busy with her involvement on the affairs of the evening tasked to introduce a guest. At first, it wasn't too obvious that every time she walked up the stage I was behind her with my camera until the second time when somebody blurted, "Aba! May sariling photographer?" Ariel may have been on the other end so there was no problem if I took a photo of the former prez speaking at the podium.
Minerva Hilado Garcia. Photo: Li ERON

After dinner as I walked past the hallway, Mr. Favila was trying to get in but couldn't find his table. "I don't want to appear like 'am crashing the party."  He is the co- founder of the Golden Balangay Awards, a prestigious one preparing for its 2nd year. "I wanna give you your copy of KUBO MAGAZINE."  He went to his car to get my copies. It was also then that the reception found his name and his table; # 21. He will be sitting with us.

Sometime later, another notable guest passes by making his way to the dessert table, Ben Corpuz. I was pretty sure wife Paulina was also there. I stood up and went to their table where I had the opportunity to take a photo of this wonderful Advocates in Toronto. Something that if either of the two files a candidacy, I'd be celebrating for the best candidate. The ones with long history of community involvements with unmistakable charms. The photo below supports this claim and it was taken this weekend in May, not February.

Ben/Paulina Corpuz. Photo: Li ERON

There were a lot more acquaintances in the room. Community leaders and individuals of distinct successes in life. One man was missing....the one who always rose from his seat and goes around the table to shake your hands- the late Senator Enverga Jr. It was his wife Rosemer Enverga who teased about toying behind Minerva Hilado Garcia. I like this woman....she speaks well and her manner respectable.

I guess we just have to get used of his absence as it was destined to be. one has yet replaced his shoes on that.  Or maybe, am too far to know someone with the same charm? I am looking at two on this blog....

It was a good party. I will end here in case I wanna put this story in KUBO MAGAZINE on their next issue. I will reserve the rest of the story until then.

AFCA new president Vida Cruz with Rosemer Enverga. Photo: Li ERON


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