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I brought Reyna Laciste to PCCF Pageantry as a candidate for Mrs. Philippines Canada 2015 to help achieve the charitable goals of this organization. Right from the very beginning, we both understand that this is a money contest. This type of competition is reminiscent of what Filipinos have back home to raise funds for a particular project. As the winner of the Mrs. Philippines Canada 2015 competition was announced, I can see all jaws dropping on the floor...muted in disbelief. Reyna Laciste, 1st Runner up after collecting 3 major awards before the announcement was made and 3 during the pre- pageant event. It took a while for that announcement to sink in before I realized what was really going on.  In any competition, only one takes home the bacon. Reyna Laciste understands that. You can see her on the video that she never lose her smile and composure even after losing the competition. All we saw was a very dignified woman who knows how to deal with such a very challenging re


Imagine receiving an email this last week of June from the Music Director in Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines asking me to host the priests from the Archdiocese of Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines for a fundraising concert slated for July 24, 2015. He must be kidding me! His name is Joseph and he was also bringing the Cebuano priests last year for a very successful concert in Courtice. "Hi Tita Li, I hope you still remember me..." I replied, "Of course Father, I remember you" he responded, "I'm not a priest." Oh, I see...he was the music director from last year's concert. But this kind of event is almost impossible to prepare in one month! What about logistics; venue and audio? Especially the audio...a concert needs a very good DJ to supply the sounds. The can the venue be available in summer months in one month? He explained the purpose of the CDO Singing Priests Concert Tour in the US and Canada- It is to build a residence


First, JDL stands for- Josie De Leon School of Performing Arts located in Mississauga and Scarborough. You can browse on their website at  JDL  to find out more and how this school give inspirations and platforms to young people who loves to sing, act and perform. Today at Rembrandt Banquet Hall in Markham, Toronto, JDL launches CANDY CRUSH, a new Teen Sensation the school created as it featured five promising students at their stable. One of its members is Sammy Gavin whom I've known as she started pursuing her love of music. As I was driving to the concert venue, the rain poured heavily my mind was thinking about turning back and gave a classic excuse to Sammy's mom for not being able to attend. Two of my invited friends didn't actually made it as they decided to turn back for low driving visibility. Driving along Highway 401 is tough but I just keep going because I was also interested to see Sammy perform in a larger platform. As I mentioned in the past, Samm


It will be easy for anyone appointed to do a job in the government of Canada to just carry a suitcase, come to office, and do the job, nothing extra. Canadian Senators who are appointed by the government are basically tasked to approve laws drafted in Parliament as it ascends to the Senate Chamber. It is pretty much a not so tough job. When the Senate session is over, a Senator can come home and enjoy the day. Senator Enverga @ Parliament Hill Phil Flag raising event, June 11, 2015. But let me single out one Senator who, aside from his civic duties as a Canadian Senator, does more than his duties as a public servant by being with the community of his fellow immigrants. Senator Tobias Enverga, Jr. is always visible in the community. There is something about this man who loves people. He is someone, despite his stature that you can catch him by the elbow for a photograph and he always gave in with that authentic smile of a man happy to be with anyone. It isn't just ab


I made emphasis on being a full time student which means I need an occasional charity to accomplish something. I don't run out of generous individuals who are willing to take me where the action is. In this case, that will be the Mahistrado Fashion 07 Series on June 21, 2015. It's not cheap to be seated on the VIP table at $75 dollars. Two people sponsored me and my roommate to take a peek at this very interesting event. I said interesting, because Fashion Show showcases creativity and the women who are empowered to wear them. I've been to a couple of public fashion events before I came to Canada. This June 21, 2015 Mahistrado Fashion 07 Series is my second in Canada to attend.  My roommate, who has never experienced this type of thing will also be interesting to watch. I'm eager to know what will be her comments after. I always give emphasis and weight on her opinions because I know her for 17 long years and her honest to goodness perspective of things and peop