It will be easy for anyone appointed to do a job in the government of Canada to just carry a suitcase, come to office, and do the job, nothing extra. Canadian Senators who are appointed by the government are basically tasked to approve laws drafted in Parliament as it ascends to the Senate Chamber. It is pretty much a not so tough job. When the Senate session is over, a Senator can come home and enjoy the day.
Senator Enverga @ Parliament Hill Phil Flag raising event, June 11, 2015.

But let me single out one Senator who, aside from his civic duties as a Canadian Senator, does more than his duties as a public servant by being with the community of his fellow immigrants. Senator Tobias Enverga, Jr. is always visible in the community.

There is something about this man who loves people. He is someone, despite his stature that you can catch him by the elbow for a photograph and he always gave in with that authentic smile of a man happy to be with anyone.

It isn't just about that happy face photos with him that we normally ask, it is also his very down to earth dealings with those whom he met. His appointment as member of the Senate of Canada is also a positive thing for every Filipino immigrants who once came to Canada as less visible. Our Senator tried to change that obscurity. He gives us a stronger voice and he helps the government of Canada see the utmost contribution of the Filipino community does to this country.

Senator Enverga's humbleness and commitment is incredible. Those who happened to know him can attest to his warm disposition. He made the Filipinos a part of his undertakings as a member of the Senate.

He has a lot of legacy built for the Filipino immigrants. Yesterday at an event he started three years ago on the grounds of the Parliament of Canada, the Filipinos came to unite and valued his undertakings. The extra large Philippine flag that all attendees helped to carry was very touching and meaningful to us. 

This yearly event during the celebration of Philippine Independence Day every June 12th at Parliament Hill grounds will one day grow bigger all because of the leadership and initiative of one man who shared his accomplishments to his community.


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