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Beating Covid Lockdowns With Backyard Gardening

  Canada's summer is suffocating! I can't remember where I was when SARS hit Canada.  Surely I knew I was working in one of Canada's largest Supermarkets and as I looked back at it, I wonder how I escaped that virus. This current pandemic is of course, the worst the world can ever imagine. The lengthy lockdowns made people irritable and vicious! Being confined to your own home had people felt depressed and hopeless. The social media represents the many opportunities of its eventual usefulness allowing us to see the outside world in the palm of our hands. Smartphone, for us, is our saviour. For a longer time me and my roommate quit watching tv shows and have our tv connection cut off. We opted on the use of high speed internet. Our cellphone has become our window to the world. I won't exchanged it to any other forms of communications nowadays. It has everything and that is when we knew the world has significantly changed. Internet is king! While the rest of the world are