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Beauty Preps Before Concert

I am closed to celebrating the month God let Fienness Mendoza walked through my door one Spring day. Looking back at it, I'm not sure if it was fate or destiny bringing a horrendously young artist with lots and lots of mood swings I can't nearly  handle. And yet, this feisty juvenile bites back accusing me of "impatience." Whoever and whatever the purpose of this funny and sometimes emotionally charged relationship with a lot of head buttings, it is beyond me to comprehend. But despite our many disagreements and an incredible stubbornness reminiscent of my youth, both sides persevere. Sometimes our disagreement will prompt much needed referee by her guardians because it's closer below the belt. Did I not wrote a blog before about me asking her to be nicer which she retorted about it being "kind of weird?" So the animosity and bitter differences between being with the  young and being with a too old to play along is a sure recipe for mood swings let a

BRITNEY WAITO: A Flicker In The Dark Coming Closer

I can see her utmost dedication of the art she wanted to find a place to shine. This kind of dream is tough especially for such a young mind. But Britney Waito in all those rare chances of watching her perform, made me wonder the right substance for this wonderful girl to finally hit the mark. It took Justin the 'Babe' to make it to the top including Michael Bubble'. They struggled to  finally claim success. But one thing I noticed, as  I followed the Vancouver Crooner; Michael Bubble' never gave up. He stayed longer as an unknown artist that for me was quite long enough to hang on to his dreams. But then he just find himself on top of the world; patience and perseverance pay. I want Britney to keep her dreams of singing. Success comes from those who fall and clawed their way back on top. It was just last week that I was asked by my instructor in class, 'what was my heroes journey?' I wasn't prepared for it. A heroes anything that we find