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MARGIE BAYANAY: Taking On Lead Role of Mangarap Ka Online TV Drama

Ms. Margie Bayanay We were chatting this evening and she said she wants to retire to bed early in preparation for the Mindanao Fashion Show in Durham Region come August 26th 2017. I reminded her that August 12th is still coming up which is the launching of her online TV Drama episode in which she takes the lead role. But first, who is Margie Bayanay? Born as the only child and graduated high school at Maryknoll High School. Got her degree of Bachelor in Secondary Education majoring Pilipino at Sto. Tomas Davao Del Norte. Margie Bayanay then worked at the BIR government office in Sto. Tomas Davao Del Norte. She also became Market Collector at the Treasury Department in the same town. She has so much opportunity to reach higher positions but she had a dream of going abroad before turning 30.  Despite many hard circumstances, Margie Bayanay flew to Hong Kong as a stepping stone to reach her final destination; Canada. She wanted to build experience and prepare herself to C

Pres. DUTERTE: Why Don't We Look At The Bigger Picture?

Internet photo: Pres. Duterte The most recent debacle that Pres. Duterte is facing are the deaths of more than a dozen people in Ozamiz City during the raid of a family with long history of criminal involvements. It is documented. It is a family business; drugs, kidnappings, robberies. People are lost and confused but should they? Nobody wants to see someone being murdered. No one wants killings. We all wanted dignity in our selves. But did these criminals ever thought of the damaged they have done to society? How do we favour something or someone? People had a choice which way to go in life. But there are those who neglected the sanctity of life as they go on rampage for power and money at the expense of innocent people. The drug lords who are holding key positions in the government has been there for ages. How much damaged they have already inflicted to the Filipino people? All these things became apparent and clear that such humungous problems exists when Duterte became