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Press Release: Support For Families With Critically Ill Loved Ones

NEWS RELEASE Support for Families with Critically Ill Loved Ones News release New program will help families in need September 25, 2018       Richmond Hill, Ontario        Employment and Social Development Canada Today, millions of Canadians provide informal care and support for seriously ill family members. That is why in Budget 2017 the Government of Canada announced a commitment to support family caregivers with Employment Insurance benefits that are more flexible, inclusive and easier to access. As part of this commitment the Government of Canada moved forward with the following improvements to the Employment Insurance (EI) program in order to better support workers who take time off work due to specific life events: Caregivers who provide care to a critically ill or injured adult family member now have access to a new benefit of up to 15 weeks. This helps more Canadians support loved ones when they need it most. Immediate and extended family members of chil

Golden Balangay Awards 2018 Live Up To Its Prestige

Straight from Li ERON Blogs. 2018 GOLDEN BALANGAY AWARDEES. Photo: Li ERON It was a year ago on the first Golden Balangay did I arrived the same time with Sen. Enverga Jr. at the BMO Institute for Learning along Pharmacy Road in Toronto parking lot. He greeted me and both of us proceeded inside as we both were a little late. 2018 GOLDEN BALANGAY AWARDS. Photo by Li ERON At this year's Golden Balangay Awards, a few days before, I was thinking if the Organizers will find it in their hearts to acknowledge the late first Filipino-Canadian Senator in all his achievements as he impacted our race in the history of Canada being a member of the Upper Chamber. I am a little close to the Founders of GBA but I never ask. It was one part of the Gala night that I was waiting and expecting and told myself, "If they will hand down a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award to the late Senator, the GBA Founders will be so brilliant. Lifetime Achievement Award for late Sen. Env

2018 Golden Balangay

Straight from Li ERON Blogs. The prestigious GOLDEN BALANGAY AWARDS Tomorrow, September 8, 2018, marks the second year of the Golden Balangay Awards . Golden Balangay Awards is one that is prestigious, intellectual and uplifting. The golden balangay educates us in two aspects; the history of what a balangay is as akin to our cultural heritage and showcasing the bests people in our community. The venue accentuates the quality of this event on a red carpet setting at BMO Institute for Learning in Toronto. GBA Founder, Ronnie Dela Gana. Photo file by Li ERON Filipinos struggled both at home and abroad because of our diminishing image for exporting house maids in foreign households. A harsh and painful reality spoken by the China's president in his early presidency,  "At least, I do not export my people to be maids in other countries." And it's true. The world look at us with averted eyes. The reality is, we are simply a drop in the ocean. Our voices a