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Beauty In Darkness: An Indie Film That Will Soak Your Heart

JANET NAPOLES funnelled billions of monies to NGOs in those days when her modus operandi was still unknown. It was a very well- orchestrated agenda involving Philippine politicians in high places, Congressmen, Senators, corrupt government agencies, handlers, fixers, community leaders. It crawled in all places as well as faking projects defrauding the Filipino people of their tax money that were supposed to be used to alleviate every Filipino. Filmmaker Aileen Amparo awarded Filmmaker of the Year by Filipino Times A journalist stopped Napoles on her tracks and everything rolled into light; money laundering in massive proportion. None of those involved are actually sentenced and incarcerated for defrauding the people, except the main character who manned the ship of corruption, Janet Napoles. Then comes Duterte, who won in a landslide as the country's iron- clad president. His massive victory maybe attributed in part of a disgruntled population and Napoles scheme may have p

A Cart Full Of Noodles

Ate Connie with Kuya Ed's personalized photo. In 2014, the nuns in Courtice were asking me to organize Simbang Gabi in this part of Durham Region.  The idea was supported by the pastors of St. Therese Parish which were adjacent to their convent. The Daughters of St. Mary of Leuca run a Day Care Centre of which I am their Videographer during their children's Christmas Presentation for the past two years as part of my community volunteering. Simbang Gabi invites Filipino priests to Officiate and Celebrate the mass to have a feel of what Simbang Gabi is as a treasured Christmas Filipino tradition. The nightly Simbang Gabi Sponsors  will do all the activities during the mass; as Offerers, Readers, taking charged of the mass collections and others. We want the Sponsors to feel important and understand the responsiblities that goes with the celebration. The Offertory is the best part to see and experience as family members and friends on that group walked the aisle to offer gif

Mangarap Ka Story: An Indie Film

The real Olivia in Mangarap Ka. Photo: Bong Molano It takes a lot of guts to tell your story to the world. Especially when it involved those moments that torn your spirit, your name, your reputation and your being. Olivia's story which was written by Analyn Aryo,  bring to life in an online tv drama, Mangarap Ka  and was shown in three episodes that ended last Friday, September 15, 2017,  exposes what some women endured in their lifetime; domestic violence. It also involves legal dilemma in massive proportion. All of us who left home to venture to unknown places looked forward to a bright future. But not everyone finds light on their dreams. Our pursuit for betterment sometimes made us vulnerable. In our fear of being alone we cling on people who pretends to love us. In the end, they are the biggest lie and the biggest adversary. Mangarap Ka Executive Producer, Judith Gonzales. Olivia's wounds inflicted by deceit, violence and disrespect hasn't healed comple


Toronto Kapuso Lions Club Charter Pres. Emmanuel Yanga. Photo: Li ERON Lions are dominant beasts in the wild. Once you are on their sight, there is no way out. They are the Kings in the jungle. The word "Lion" resembles a lot of no nonsense demeanour; fierced and determined. Lions became symbols of strength, power and endurance. Lions Club sprouted across the globe and Filipinos are embracing this organization profoundly. I've been invited a couple of times on Lions Club gatherings and so I am aware that they pledge allegiance to the Queen in a form of a toast to all the Lions and Lioness and guests in the room to commence an event with the Lions Club. Toronto Kapuso Lions Club Charter Night. Photo: Li ERON Last weekend on Friday, September 15, 2017 in Scarborough, Toronto, KAPUSO LIONS CLUB roared on a highly spirited event on their Charter Night where Lions display their badges with pride. I am kind of slow in understanding how many Lions Club there are in

Mangarap Ka A Real Story To End Episode

The women in Mangarap Ka online TV Drama on "OLIVIA" Online Tv Dramas are still kind of emerging to our Filipino community around the world. A gentle transition to our previous life of coming home from work, turn the TV on and sit in the couch to watch our favourite show. Internet has changed that kind of life as our lives and the world we live in transitioned to a more fast paced environment and easy access to everything digital. Filipinos are intelligent people, they can merged and blend well on their respective environments, but not all. Most Filipinos who packed up their luggages and venture to another country are struggling with a promised tomorrow where some just slipped out from their hands and dreams became nightmares. Filipinos are big time dreamers, including the possession of branded products. Those who cannot afford will wake up at night and joined a throng of midnight shoppers along those night markets in Wan Chai and purchased a fake brand to catch u

Golden Balangay LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Falls On The Right Hand

Lifetime Achievement Awardee brandishes his Golden Balangay  Awards trophy with pride captured by Li ERON I was intently listening to the Presenter for the Lifetime Achievement Awards but it was long. At my age, I don't think I can remember every bit of his life story. He was simply called "Tatay Tom" if my ears didn't falter,  from Vancouver. Out of that long narrative, there was one thing that catches me; he closed his restaurant after 2 years of operation for offering free meals all the time. And he didn't quit. I think he gathered his peers and the best from his community to work on something bigger; build a shelter. He was the brain of what is now a well- accomplished undertaking and a centre that caters to every race that comes to their door. "Tatay Tom" and his life is a mirror of so many people destined to serve its community. Someone who does not stop at nothing to accomplish his vision. Those bits and pieces of his life as it echoe


The Balangay captured from the Gala screen by Li ERON I've known Ronnie Dela Gana in the community of Durham Region, Ontario, Canada as a magazine publisher many years ago. Although we have the same passion, we've never work on the same community projects ever. It doesn't mean we don't support each other, we just have different undertakings in the community. I respect this man's integrity and him being humble and quiet. The Golden Balangay Awards has been on and off my social media threads. I wasn't actually realizing and expecting the magnitude of it all. There are many award giving bodies and I thought this is just one of those local awards accorded locally to an exemplary individual. I wasn't also aware of who else were involved until yesterday morning at the Golden Balangay Awards Gala event when something came up on my Facebook messenger. An old friend I haven't heard for a longer time, Bloomy Favila was sending me a message inviting me t


DK TIJAM photo by Li ERON The first time I hosted a travelling singing priests in Durham Region was from the Archdiocese of Cebu City, Philippines to help them raised funds for their projects. Being a Host/Organizer, I prepared the venue, the best Dj and I always tap our local talents for the Front Act in 2014. One of them was Keeana Cerezo from my own region of Durham. She was about 14 or 15 and I could see her potential as a singer. And yes, she rocks and showed her immense talent that night. After this particular concert, I was tasked and asked to organize the first Simbang Gabi in my own community in Courtice, Ontario within Durham Region. It was supported by the nuns at the Daughters of St. Mary of Leuca at St. Therese Church located in Courtice Road in Courtice. At the culmination of the mass, the Cerezo family accepted my invitation for Keeana and her sisters to sing Holy Night. It was powerful. As the season turns, I lost track of Keeana Cerezo. I did have her on my th