"From Janet With Love" Not Just A Digital Storytelling

With Janet Mahilum Haydock at STRAIGHT from Li ERON LIVE ON AIR

In my remote barrio, I was the first to work overseas. But even before that, I grew up in the shadow of my father who selflessly gave himself to the peasants who can't hardly read. He was always responsive to the needs of his fellow barrio folks who looked up to him for wisdom and guidance. During his death, people from all walks of life sent him to his final resting place.

I am not as good as him. Although I did my share of giving, it didn't even reach half the efforts my father did in his lifetime. All I am capable of is acting like a magnet and gather people of the same mindset, vision and passion to accomplish something. I can only lead the people who are as passionate as I do. I don't believe that friendship can be measured by how many times you attend a party with lavish foods. Real friendship is measured on those odd predicaments where someone's life is in a peril. These are the things I cannot overlook and I cannot fail to have my presence felt.

As a passionate writer, I've encountered countless people with varied intentions and purpose. As much as I want to live up to everyone, to do things in accordance with heart is still a priority.  I have known many people, some are forgettable, others lingers on.

The purpose of my radio program is make sense of what is important. To be able to beat the drum and sound the gong and hammer the nails to be heard. Sometimes, God can throw me in the middle of a track where a swirling hurricane touches down on someone on its path. The Divine power is felt and its command undeniably stark and urgent. 

Janet Mahilum Haydock inside Pinoy Radio Toronto Studio.
Janet Mahilum Haydock came out of nowhere but from a Facebook page, one time. A series of research on her person reveals the oozing and fiery persona of someone born to give. The first thing that came to my mind after being asked to read a digital story, "From Janet With Love" is why, of all people, would someone like Janet landed her story on an incredible platform and on an historic timing as Canada Legacy 150? Who is this woman can led a writer like me to pour on the pages of her life. A Philanthropist? A hoax? Is this woman really true to her words? 

Reading someone's life is like walking hand in hand with the character of a story. From Janet With Love who made it on the list across Canada's mounting entries representing the province of Quebec. It's not for many people to spend time to read unknown people's life story. But for me, knowing Janet from the eyes of another storyteller is important to me. And so I read "From Janet With Love" From Janet With Love in earnest.

straightFROMLiERON arranged an interview for Janet Mahilum Haydock which she has granted. Her trip from Montreal lasted over four hours on a train and will arrived at 1:30 in the afternoon.  She will then catch up a train back to Montreal at 6:30 PM. The distance from Oshawa train station where she will arrive and depart to the radio studio is an approximate one hour depending on traffic.

Her scheduled interview coincided with my very hectic weekend celebrating our hometown fiesta hosted by Ontario. Nevertheless, this guest is as important as any celebration so I opted out from attending the final league of our fiesta- the picnic so I could pick her up and drove her to the radio. She came on the dot. I was late for about fifteen minutes having one car to drive. My roommate who went to the picnic came home a little late. Janet was already at the train station waiting.

As soon as we arrived at the studio, we run through a couple of things. I wanted it to be a real conversation from someone so enriching in her charitable works and you can access the information of Janet's Foundation here: Foundation and read through. And then she pulled a garland made in Hawaii. Something like a good vibes, energy and luck. However, I want the printing on her tee visible to the cameras that says, "From Janet With Love." 

And so we go live and you can watch the Episode here:

The broadcast was delayed for half an hour and we didn't take notice of the time and the fact that Janet's train schedule back to Montreal was 6:30 in the evening. She can't miss her trip because of her work. We have less an hour travel to catch the train in Oshawa station from Vaughan. In order for us to minimize traffic problems we cruised the 407. The speed was still a little fast than what was allowed.  At 6:20, we were still travelling along Baldwin Street towards the train station and the traffic was crawling. 

As we approached the train station, I can see the idling train. It was about just 6:30. Janet flew out of sight an into the building. Then I saw the train glides slowly. I thought Janet didn't make it When my roommate came back, she said a couple told her that a lady with pink backpack was able tog et on board because the train conductor saw her.

Thank you Janet for sharing your profound story. I will lend my support anyway I can and we definitely know where to start. This is the beginning of letting your story out so well- meaning people know how to reach you.

Janet Mahilum Haydock at straightFROMLiERON- Ep 11


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