Mother's Day And Why We Do Things To Honor Them

STRAIGHT From Li ERON guest: Andra Stancu
If there is one moment I will do in my life is to visit my mother's grave everyday since the day she died. But like many failed wishes and promises, this sort of longing remains a hopeless vision especially those of us who found another country to call home.

My mother's death was sudden. Although a month before, I was able to make a final homecoming where we had the opportunity to touch each other's hands. But hat last visit, she was distant and I always find her sitting on an empty bed by the window looking far away. She wasn't like that. I felt she had trouble looking at me which was odd. It was also this time that she cornered me in my room and asked one thing I will never forget, "Please promise me you will not change religion?" I think I laughed and embraced her. "I haven't fulfilled my being catholic? How can I changed religion?" But her piercing look meant I had to raised my hand for a promise I knew will bring her peace. "I won't..."

My mother had asthma since I was born. Everytime she suffered a severe asthma attack I would always fear that I will lose her early. We had a special bond that wasn't there with my other siblings. Our love and devotion for each other was eloquent. She was the reason my dream to work overseas has been derailed a hundred times. I just can't walked away from her. When I got my first job, I sent her boxes and stuff just for her.

2014 Mother's Day Event in Courtice. Organized by Li ERON
Circumstances changed abruptly and when you have so much hatred in your heart you won't miss anyone. And so I left without a trace making my mother the collateral damage when distance separated us. Her intense prayer may have paved the way for my return but the damaged has been done. The overseas life then stood between us. Those days, months and years that we won't see each other added more agony in her heart. That last homecoming manifested to me an impending tragedy. 

Something was just not right, her gazes, her touches and the emptiness in her eyes was haunting me that I was sobbing at the airport asking God to see her again in my next homecoming. It never came....A month after, she died telling my sister who rushed her to the hospital that she won't see me again before collapsing on her arms. 

Despite my employer protesting my urgent  homecoming, I flew in to send her to her final resting place. Since her demise in 1996, my eyes still burns in the memory of her. I could have brought her to Canada is just a fading wishes of my heart as I envy those whose mother live with them here and enjoyed Canada as their second home. I could have served her, cooked her meals, drove her around. It's an empty dream.

Now I can only honor her memory by working on something noble along with those people I can lean on who responded and also honor their mothers this 2018 Mother's Day by organizing a Blood Letting Drive. My heart is always grateful to everyone who will come around. Even a little heroism will surely make our mothers proud.

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