Janet Mahilum- Haydock: An Amazing Philantropist

Photo by world renowned photographer Rita Leistner from Legacies 150 story of From Janet With Love

For someone to travel a distance to tell her story or a fraction of it, is heartwarming. It's been decades of writing my journeys and the many journeys of others, Janet's story is one that sounded like a hoax or something written with pure wicked spirit. Until you look at the images of truth. I cannot do what this woman did in name of charity. Something that this woman redefined completely.

Our community is riddled with many duplicates of everything. When I decided to come on board in the broadcasting industry, a neophyte at that, I have one thing in mind; to bring in the people who wrestled with life and learned from it from the dusty roads of life. We cannot be taught wisdom, because life itself is the ultimate master of life. 

Humans cannot walk a certain road as if it is rosy and sunny. We cannot even trust mother nature not to throw shrapnels on our roads of life. Our existence is as unpredictable as weather itself. My role is to walk along the muddy, cruel world and find the best from among the heap. The radio show I am putting up is a mouthpiece to be heard loud and clear from the best stories that enriches us.

Janet Mahilum-Haydock is as obscure as a cricket at night silent by the storms,  hiding among the leaves. I maybe a neophyte in broadcasting and a unique one with absolute flaws, but I will bring in the ones whose story is never near a fairy tale.

"I'm booked for May 20, 2018 and will arrived at 1:30 PM and will take the train back at 6:30 PM." We chatted and at the end of it, I was wondering how important it is for her story to be heard? And what can I give back in return for such a long journey just to be in my show that is yet to beg for support and Sponsorship. I think I know how, within the context of her life, her dreams, her sacrifices and her selflessness. Maybe I can do something....try to give her wings to do more good, the way I knew best.  Any support and help for this woman, like many others, will be more fitting.

This coming Sunday, May 20th, you will know why she travelled that stretch of distance to be at Pinoy Radio and MCBN TV.

Watch/Listen: Pinoy Radio Toronto

Sunday, May 2o, 2018
4-5 PM EST

Special guest: 
From Janet With Love
Legacies 150 Featured story


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