Shairah Garrido Serenaded Moms On Mother's Day

I was holding a fundraiser on behalf of a community member in Durham Region some years back and enlisted  some local artists who devoted their time for the cause. When it comes to popular artist in the Toronto area and surrounding areas, I am not too oriented back then. I was told that one of the guests performer came from Hamilton and her name was Shy Garrido.

As guests trickled in and so was Shy Garrido with her parents and siblings in tow. Every one involved that evening travelled far, but the Garrido's were even farther, travelling from Hamilton.  I was told about Shy Garrido's character as a singer and her elevated status being one of the bests within our community.

I was formally introduced to the family and chatted with the mom, Alma Garrido whom I find to be warm and humble despite the rising status of her daughter Shy.  There are people who just made you feel comfortable right away and Alma Garrido is one of them.

An artist is determined by her performance and the way Shy Garrido carried herself. I can also tell that the rest in the crowd who knew her look up to her as a singer they adored. You can watch the video here during that night's performance:

As years go by,  I sometimes met Alma Garrdio, who never left her daughter's side during performances. I've actually followed Shy Garrido's journey as a singer. Her passion in singing may have been profound as one contest after another and Shy Garrido brought home the trophy all the time. If people think that my encounter with people is as fleeting as the moment, they are wrong. Shy Garrido and her mom is a portrait of a very deep collaboration between a mother and a daughter. By common knowledge, Shy Garrido's mom is bound on a wheelchair but it didn't stop her from being near to her daughter at every moment she faced the challenges of her dreams. 

Shy, now named Shairah, accomplished what few have done, winning in countless musical competitions and for always, the image of her mom on the sideline, is powerful. A mom who lends support of a dotting daughter; respectful and polite, is hard to miss. Shairah is a Champion with obviously an incredible talent devouring her competitors on stage.  I've watched once at Sing Pilipinas where she became Champion and boy, what a voice and performance it was. No one needs to beg for triumph when your talent is a fiery as the sun.

In one of those narratives I've read, Shairah is describe as having a voice that is undeniably blessed with "incredible tone and sophistication." It adds, "Shairah is available as a soloist, part of a duet or trio and singing lead on a band, Reflexion." Shairah Garrido is a winner of Hamilton Teen Idol and a winner of Maestro Awards at the Heritage Festivals in Chicago, Boston and New York.  Shairah has also won many popular competitions in Toronto and in the Philippines. A photo of that essay is below:

Supplied write up.
With her stature, Shairah commands respect and adulation and yet, this Mother's Day at my radio show, her mother, Alma Garrido wanted this singing gem to serenade all the guests this Sunday, May 13th 2018- Mother's Day and all the mothers in the world who are tuning in and who will be tuning in.

I am grateful for the humbleness of this artist and her mom, Alma Garrido.  Tune in this Sunday's Mother's Day, May 13, 2018 at 4-5 PM EST at Pinoy Radio.

Tune in! This Mother's Day at my radio program,  this singing gem, Shairah will serenade her mom and all the guests this Sunday.


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