A WOMAN OF CONQUEST: Agnes Pasaporte Miranda


Agnes Pasaporte Miranda's WFG Office hangs trophies and awards of a lifelong journey in business and community service.

It was 2017 when she walked into the first Golden Balangay Awards and I knew she was somebody in the community they looked up to. As she settled on a table not far from where I was, most eyes were fixated at her. It could have been enough to pry on this woman and get a scope of who she was. But I am not a gossiper nor a backstabber who would desperately want to know a person to start something interesting or intriguing.

Then as the awarding begins, there she was being called for an award. I could barely remember her name because when it comes to business themes, I am definitely drooling. That encounter of this woman happened again at Pinoy Radio studio where I was hosting a public service program. When she came out, I think I was introduced with her and Danny Orbillo who was co-hosting their show. It was casual, selfies were taken and then they left. Her name kind of slowly etched in my memory; Agnes Pasaporte Miranda. Well, obviously, she was a business woman actively engaged in the community.

But as years passed by and as I continued in my own little ways on my personal projects and community visibility, I bumped on her again at Vaughan Fiesta Extravaganza and as usual, a pose for a selfie. She was judging a competition that afternoon. I found her kind of being motherly and I thought, she was older and I find her pleasant. 

At WFG office with Agnes P Miranda

At times, I read about her news clips and profiles. I came across her receiving and award, I think it was a global distinction, somewhere in Europe? She travelled overseas for that, joined by throngs of equally influential women all over the world. Then I noticed her again having a picture with  Pres. Rodrigo Duterte not too long ago. Thinking about her and all her achievements in high places was fleeting. I thought they came early in Canada so she must have known too many people to gain that stature. After all, I don't have much connection with her except being told about her kindness, her advocacy and her strong leadership. I shrug it off as well and good unknowingly aware that beneath my ignorance and lacklustre interests to many other people, my keen appreciation of this woman is actually growing inside me. Who doesn't admire such longevity in life and she seemed tireless.

With Agnes P Miranda at her WFG office, Sep 20, 2020

It was some months ago that I really sat down in my computer and browse on a name; Agnes Pasaporte Miranda. She was merely 10 years old studying in a French-Canadian school when a desire to come to Canada started. At 20, she lands her feet on Cnandian soil, a fresh university graduate of banking and finance. A young, single woman prowled on Canandian opportunities and started building her future in Canada in 1966. From then on, Agnes P Miranda build her brand of financial literacy and freedom. A woman of dreams and perseverance.. Fast forward to today, for over 34 years, Agnes P Miranda is a byword of success as one of Canada's top immigrants. A powerful woman who has the ability to nurture others to become leaders themselves, she is a woman of Distinction, brilliance and admired. A dreamer's unquestionable example of making it big on a once 10 year old dream.

Many so called community leaders who've been to Canada for many decades, live on privileged stature and belief that they are better than the younger ones. It gives them a feeling of entitlement that they become selfish, insecure and afraid to lose that status in the community that they failed to nurture sprouting leaders. But Agnes P Miranda has redefined that belief by making herself the haven of support and wisdom.

As a born-leader myself, I didn't know how much of a leader Agnes P Miranda is in the Filipino-Canadian community she holds. Until I led an advocacy for a nanny in Mexico and along with her friends and the PIDC leaders, they sprang into action to aid and assist me to accomplish the task. It was resolved in a matter of a few days. 

It was recently, while I was working on our Durham Filfest  2020- Virtual Event  that she wanted to become one of our event presenters with her WFG- World Financial Group in which she is the Senior Executive Vice Chairman. On the days leading to our event, Agnes Miranda called, "What else do you need from me to support your upcoming event?" And I think I swallowed my tongue because I fell silent for sometime. When I realized the opportunity offered, I said, "Can I have an iPad mini for a prize?" I remembered she was giving away some at some events. I think she was amused at the other end. But then she said yes to an iPad mini for a prize at our virtual event. A prize that I thought was valued less than $200 until the MC rolled her eyes on the ceiling with, "Li, iPad mini costs about $600 or more!" and so we make it the Grand prize. Forgive my ignorance on pricing of digital gears this time of my life. Giving away something a little expensive is special to us at Durham Filfest. 

Princess Chloe, the winner of Durham Filfest 2020-Virtual Event Grand Prize iPad Mini

So I drove to meet Ate Agnes Miranda at her office in Vaughan after a nice lunch to receive the iPad Mini and I was blown away by the many awards and trophies that littered her office. What a remarkable achievements she has gained over the many years she spent her time with her business and with the Filipino-Canadian community at large. One of Canada's top immigrants and many titles accorded to her by big organizations not just in Canada but internationally.

Below is a documentary interview of Ms. Agnes Pasaporte Miranda for us to watch and know this woman that brings pride and inspiration to us as Filipino-Canadians.


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