Malou Jumao-As- Galapin: Climbed The Ladder of Success At Sunnybrook Hospital Must Inspire Those Who Dream

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Malou Jumao-as Galapin during her retirement and birthday celebration, February 22, 2019

Who would write a story without substance? And who would attend a party that has no meaning to your life? Some of us call it, courtesy. Something when we sat in a dimmed room full of music yet our minds wander to the other planet.

But Malou Galapin, who sent her invitations with enough time for the guests to mark their calendars to ensure attendance, is no ordinary friend. My roommate who was asked to do the prayer for the blessing does her own feeling of knowing that the invocation meant something, so she spent time inking it.

Others find it odd to read other people's stories but this one had a pinch of courage, determination and inspiration we all can reflect in our journeys because not everyone is lucky to be given an opportunity to rise and climb the ladder of success. 

A maple tree planted to honor Malou's contributions at Suunybrook Hospital, Toronto..
But Malou Galapin did it in her quiet and humble ways. She started as a staff nurse in the Cardiology Department of Sunnybrook Hospital, a prestigious hospital in Toronto. She was then transferred to the Coronary Care Unit. Later on, Malou started with her Leadership role as Interim Patient Care Manager in the Cardiology Department in 2006 for about a year. She then went into other Leadership roles within the Heart Program as Arrythmia Coordinator and then as Advanced Practice Nurse. In 2010, Malou became the Permanent Care Manager of the Dr. Brian W. Gilbert Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, the Schulich Cardiac Short Stay Unit and into the Heart Function and Rapid Cardiology Assessment Clinic. All of these achievements manifested at her retirement when she was accorded a maple tree and the marker for her contributions to Sunnybrook Hospital. 

With Malou's immediate family at the celebration, February 22, 2019

Malou is not just extraordinary on her profession. She is also an active leader in our community being one of the many pillars of their hometown organization in North America, the INAUSCA. I guess smart and intelligent people had the gift of inspiring the world. And so on February 22, 2019, she shared her successes and double celebration for turning 65 and retirement where a new avenue in her life awaits.

Malou's brother, Dr. Joseph Jumao-as.
The room was filled with important people in her life; her hubby, Ditto, son Benz, daughter Madette and son-in-law, Matt. Malou's siblings from the US, Dr. Joseph Jumao-as, younger sister, Lynn and in-laws travelled to join the celebration.

Retirement is one of the most anticipated moment in our lives. Malou can bask on what her heart desires especially that she has accomplished so much in her years of work. Retirement for her beams bright with pride. Freedom and looking forward to an exciting independence. And...the community is waiting in case Malou wants to spice up her fields in Advocacy. Something new....

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