Regina Sosing: Catch Her This Weekend At 1st Flavours of the Philippines Event

Regina Sosing, Radio Host Ottawa Tinig Pinoy Radio

Distant friendship has been the order of the day since the spiral of Facebook which many have started denouncing and moved to Instagram which actually is own by Facebook. Facebook is king and what makes it ugly are the ugly people using it to their personal advantage and interest.

For the brilliant ones who knows how to respect social media platforms that actually helped the world countless times by exposing injustices and crimes far- reaching than any laws of the land. Social Media scope is infinite. It erases boundaries which is a gift to humanity. Who remembered the lagging Telegram and post office mail? But in those times, there was no option but to wait for weeks and months before knowing the contents which means when you are angry, the emotion has changed. Unlike social media, the flare is fresh and maddening. But there are still genuine friendship that sparked from fleeting moments. Something that you saw one person in less an hour and eventually become allies. I am talking about the ace radio host, Regina Sosing that I met once. And never again until this weekend where she will steer the 1st Flavours of the Philippines event in Scarborough for an hour or so just enough to click my novice camera to a pro on stage. This lady is powerful to uproot me from my chair trying to meet a deadline. Flavours of the Philippines is the 1st this year. You can check the flyer at this post and you can tell it is pack with various activities everything Filipino. For always, there will be foods all across to feast your eyes or your pockets to your heart's delight.

It's a long weekend and as expected, most people maybe driving up North for their summer retreats. But for those who are staying put this weekend, savour the Flavours of the Philippines and enjoy the weekend. It's August and there will be few events left before the summer curtain draws to a close.

I will leave all fantasies to a homeland reverie at everyone's mind. But mine is capture a friend's remarkable wits and comic brilliance as one of the event's emcee. Regina Sosing is not like those social elites in our community. The snobbish ones who actually is no different from the normal ones.  You have to differ an authentic host with humility. 

One more thing, I want to hear the guest performer that sounded like Karen Carpenter. Maybe I can learn a thing or two on how ballads live up to the audience. Watch her video below as she will made her debut concert in Canada this weekend at Flavours of the Philippines.

Let's check her out as I am a huge fan of Karen Carpenter being on her era at the peak of her career. You know those years when you just can't help it but sing her songs anywhere in the house and cry for no reason? Trust me, I will maul someone who will fake Karen Carpenter. But I think this one is authentic with significant views online. So see you there?

Flavours of the Philippines 2018


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