Young Acrobatic Dancer Came Out A Crowd Pleaser At Flavours of the Philippines Event

I won't forget people who leave a mark in one instant moment. I was sitting in one event where a group of young entertainment students; music and dancing. The theatre was dimly lit as the music fades in and the screen slowly fills a digital display when a girl tumbles down for what I thought was a ballet dancer of some sort. But of course, the footwear indicated she wasn't. But her moves were different and you can pick her from among her fellow performers that I leaned on the person next to me asking her name.

Jasmine Flores and that was it and everything else fades away as the event was over. It was repeated several times as I attended other events. I was sitting in the front at last year's Donekla show and I happened to be seated beside her mom. We talked about her daughter briefly. I was watching her leaping and twisting with such precision and confidence. What came to my mind was, "What sort of performance can she do alone?" I mean alone, as a single performer.

Jasmine Flores is unique. There could be dozens of acrobatic dancers like her but her stage presence is truly her own.  You can tell that she was having fun and was loving everything she does on stage. Her smile adds a punch to her difficult choreography and I think all of those who happens to notice her talent agree that she exudes charm.

I can't remember anymore how our path truly crosses and her mom becoming a friend and knowing her dad. But I think what pulled Jasmine Flores away from a striving artist was the exposure she got from winning the Vaughan Fiesta Extravaganza this year on their first talent search and Jasmine became their Champion. She was a standout, a talent you would not want to miss.

It was a small triumph considering the enormity of her ability as an artist. As I followed this young girl to  know a little bit more of her, so I invited her mom for an interview with Jasmine. Her dad was there too at Pinoy Radio Toronto. That was my first closed encounter with an 11 y/o acrobatic dancer. It was also then that I came face to face to another Jasmine Flores. The one off stage, seated beside me at the studio. Jasmine is very quiet and her face expressionless. It prompted me to ask her what I thought was a stupid question, "You know me right?' Her response was quick, "Yes." In my head I was reading the young girl's mind...or maybe I was searching for that lovely smile on stage?

But she was herself and was sitting comfortably at the studio. That differing character ignited a discussion with me and my roommate about Jasmine's notably quiet demeanour. As always, I solicit my roommate's views on Jasmine to make sure I read her correctly.  I valued my roommate's words more than anyone else and here's what she said, "But look at her sweet smiles on stage. She's incredible."

Incredible she is and I am glad I've known this artist in two dimensions. I love it when a person is so unpredictable. Two characters it adds the mystery and the challenge of not expecting what you see in her on stage.

Young people with dreams...we, the older folks with wisdom knows exactly how to love dreamers and embrace their uniqueness by heart. Jasmine Flores is just starting and the crowd is already loving her!

Now she's mastering the aerial stunts. Event organizers must help her find her niche as a performer. I do....

Private performance at a Jubilee Celebration in Courtice, Ont. Canada, Jul 28, 2018.


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