Lucky Lucas: The Young And Brilliant Advocate For Charity Walked The Runway On A Shanon Pamaong Creation

Short clip: Lucky Lucas at Nathan Phillips Square 2018 Fashion Gala.

Lucky Lucas, the silent Advocate against poverty.

There are many benefits to writing a blog. For one, you can throw many blanks and then people will fill it in. But the best about blogging is you can update any errors or omission as quickly as you can when someone called your attention. To the case of Lucky Lucas who walked the runway at last weekend's Mabuhay Philippines Festival Fashion Gala 2018 and mistook her outfit for Kenneth Barlis when it was a Shanon Pamaong Creation. My apologies for the error but then it was meant to be because now, I have all the reasons to write about Lucky Lucas.

She has been an interesting individual but I kept my hands off knowing Lucky is a very low profile young woman. Her mom is a good friend but it does not influence my narratives about Lucky Lucas. A brilliant student who can be considered one of our community's best vocals if only her desire is to become a singing artist. But Lucky Lucas aims for the intellectual stardom where currently she is currently on her second year studying at Ryerson University for the undergrad for International Economist and Finance minor in Law.

Lucky Lucas grew up in an environment full of love, compassion and community volunteering. Her mom is Canada's Asian Fashion Week Executive producer who loves fashion more than anything else. It was her mom who was one of the main Coordinators of this year's fashion gala at Nathan Phillips Square where Lucky Lucas pits with the bests among our young models at the said fashion gala.

I met Lucky personally at her debut at the invitation of her mom. Quiet and a deep thinker, she exudes confidence. A gifted young woman, she sang brilliantly as she serenaded her guests and family on that milestone in her life. Lucky Lucas started as a child model at 10.  On recent years as she grew older, Lucky participated on events that are meaningful as she became more mature. In 2016, she was one of the models for Fashion Against Poverty. In 2017, Lucky joined the Canadian Fashion Week to benefit the Sick Kids Foundation in Toronto.

On her recent stint as fashion model, Lucky Lucas presented a Shanon Pamaong creation at Nathan Phillips Square for Mabuhay Philippines Festival 2018, Lucky carry her character so well even on that brief walk at the runway showcasing a Boholano Designer also known internationally. The name Shanon Pamaong is a byword not just for his fellow Boholanos but for the world over. Lucky is just blessed to have worn that designer's clothes in front a massive crowd last weekend.

Lucky serenaded her guests at her debut in 2017.

School comes first for Lucky Lucas. She is currently on training as a oen of chosen Leaders welcoming  and interviewing new students.  This young lady is profoundly focused on her chosen career. there will be more on Lucky Lucas when her bio lands on my email at a later date. although Lucky is low profile, this young girl is up to inspire the younger generations of Canadians. I respect her privacy at the same updating myself of her future incredible achievements as a brilliant Academian, model and singer in our midst....

@ Nathan Phillips Square, Mabuhay Philippines Festival 2018 Fashion Show Gala.

Casual wear by Shanon Pamaong. Model: Lucky Lucas

The young Lucky Lucas where passion begins.


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