A Versatile Host Adds Flavor To Outdoor Events

DJ REGINA SOSING, Tinig Pinoy Ottawa  graced Flavors of the Philippines Festival 2018

I AM an avid fan and follower of this ace radio host who travelled from Ottawa to be one of the hosts at Flavours of the Philippines Bayanihan Festival in Scarborough and the first Filipino street festival ever in this part of Toronto. Knowing the main organizers, the Dela Gana's I knew there was a punch of classy contents and people to man the show.

It wasn't a surprised when DJ Regz made announcement on my inbox that she's one of hosts. With so many festivals, one needs to level up their contents so people will come back the next time. And knowing DJ Regz, she's one who does not come unprepared. She is also someone who knows how to present herself well and good in front a huge crowd. No lousy outfits is what I mean. So the day before, I knew she was ransacking her closets for that suitable dress or whatever was appropriate. Presenting oneself is a personal choice. Some hosts can come wearing pants or tee's anyway it's an outdoor event.

DJ Regz before the show started at Flavors of the Philippines 2018.

However, if that is the scenario of someone steering the crowd's attention at full length and you look like someone who has gotten out of the kitchen, the bashing might linger long into winter. Hosts are in command and all eyes are on them. It isn't just about what one is wearing, the brain must also in full throttle to keep the attention of the spectators at the peak. We knew that some people have short span of attention and if the masters of ceremony are short of much needed punch lines, they're somewhere at the back eating balut.

With co-host Philip Beloso

Was I wrong? The on air diva at Tinig Pinoy came and was groomed to maintain the name she built; a stoic, classy master of ceremony. Well- dressed for the event, full makeup. Why does personality counts? Because being proper and classy uplifts everyone. It elevates standard. One more thing about Regina Sosing, she does not used vulgarity to enlighten the crowd. She's a pro. The thing that turns off and insults an audience is adopting lousy jokes. Clean fun no cheap jabbings for a laugh.

With TO mayor John Tory, 

But it's a festival...there are many variations of people manning the show. To be fair, all hosts at Flavors of the Philippines Festival were all on their elements. Joey Abrenilla looked like the 'boy next door' type. Everyone looks dignified and successfully led the first Filipino Canadian Festival in Scarborough a successful one.

Here are some pics from this year's Flavors of the Philippines Festival with the visiting host, Regina Sosing:

With Mindanao Booth


With fashion designer, John Ablaza

With Claire Dela Gana, TO mayor Tory and local fashion models and fashion designer J. Ablaza

Keeping the audience engaged.

With co-host Joey Abrenilla

Selfie on AMPLIFYE


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