Renee Salud Live Up To Its Iconic Name At Mabuhay Philippines Festival 2018

A Renee Salud Creation @ Nathan Phillips Square TO 2018

I thought I'd felt sorry for missing out Martin Nievera on Day 1 of this year's Mabuhay Philippines Festival at Nathan Phillips Square. I've been driving all my life so the moment I hopped into a Go Train from Oshawa I knew my destination will screwed up. Exploring Toronto I must wear a comfy shoes. Yesterday, I looked like a boy scout camp leader wearing a hi cut black leather shoes from my Orthodontics insurance coverage equipped with prescribed insole. The feet were okay but the lower back pain was a distraction while walking on the wrong street.

Another of Renee Salud Creation at Fashion Show Gala at nathan Phillips Square.

My companion knows how to read a Google map but complained about her phone not being clear on where we were. Every time she showed it to me I pretend to know where the dot was versus the Nathan Phillips Square locator. It's like calling home when I got lost and my roommate always asked, "Where are you facing, North or South, West or East?" My answer is always, "I'm facing at a strip mall." We asked a male Chinese having a break and eating, "Oh...go there and then go left."  Finally we made it at Queen's West where we can hear a familiar voice- Martin Nievera!

Renee Salud at Nathan Phillips Square at end of show.

I can tell that my friend wanted to sprint because it was almost six. Sadly, Martin Nievera was on his last stanza of his rendition of "What a Wonderful World" and my 50mm can't find the right focus. His show was done and over with so we checked out the food vendors. Fv Foods was a little busy but we managed to have sago drinks and some dimsum and fish balls. There were local singers on stage which I failed to capture promptly. 

Fashion Show Gala at Nathan Phillips Square, TO 2018. A Shanon Pamaong creation.

As soon as we got into the array of chairs for the audience, I got two friends already sitting there, Marisa Roque and the mom of one of the fashion models, Elsa Pastor who accorded me a good seat and to make sure I can capture her daughter, Maisie Floriano. There were local talents on stage, our very own Ryan Orlanda, Cheryl Samson and J-R which I'm not yet very familiar with. It was followed by cultural dances which obviously was to allow the sun to set before the fashion gala can begin. 

Fv Foods CEO ramp the runway at Nathan Phillips Square on a Shanon Pamaong creation.

Elsa Pastor wanted me to sit at the center of the runway so I moved right at the tip of the platform. It was a good spot the only problem was, I must remain seated or there will be riot if those eager spectators who may have their sons and daughters participating at the runway. Two individuals were standing on the side with their cameras and one woman behind my back was trying to verbally asking them to get lost. I knew she can't...those were members of the media of some sort. It is a manifestation that I should remain seated in capturing what was in front of me on an elevated platform. So therefore my framings will be so tight. What can I do? 

Kyrrha Del wore a Renee Salud creation at Fashion Show Gala 2018, Nathan Phillips Square, TO 

I love fashion shows. For many decades and even before coming to Canada, I always watched those authentic runway events. I may not be buying any of those exquisite creations, modelling is a form of entertainment and art. A Fashion Designer's creation is a labour of love. They made people look beautiful at the same time, they educate us and introduced us to certain culture. One reason I was sitting there awaiting the fashion gala courtesy by Mabuhay Philippines Festival on PIDC's 20th anniversary.There was also another reason, I want to witness how a good friend, known for her passion on fashion and organizing fashion events the likes of Canada Asian Fashion Week, Marilyn Narcisa, who is this event's fashion show Coordinator.

Maisie Floriano on a Shanon Pamaong  creation.
Augmenting a huge undertaking demands brilliance, patience and passion. Working and collaborating with three incredible Fashion Designers is a job only for a well- experienced individual. Fashion demands sophistication and for the  Executive Producer of Canada Asian Fashion Week, the job to ensure the success of what I was going to see was in good hands. I have high regards to Marilyn and I thought I needed to watch this show.

As soon as the sun set, the music fades in and so were the models as they glides at the ramp. Kenneth Barlis creation came in first on its first segment. Kenneth Barlis is a US based fashion designer who've dressed up Hollywood stars to name a few of his achievements. Now Google his name and browse about him. There were some interjections of cultural dances in betweens. The show was followed by Shannon Pamaong, a Boholano Fashion Designer who showcased the beautiful tourist attractions from the Philippines. Shanon Pamaong incorporated a more selection for the masses opting to get a more older models to promote his Filipiniana selections. Gemma Asingua, a fellow awardee at last year's Outstanding Boholano of USA-Canada showed her versatile personality as she beautifully presented her outfit. There were a lot of them with various designations in the community. If I was not mistaken, there were community leaders from PIDC who joined the runway for Shanon Pamaong. 

Lucky Lucas on a SHANON PAMAONG creation, Nathan Phillips Square, TO.
The Fashion Gala culminates with the iconic Fashion Designer, Renee Salud. I can tell the distinguishing footprints between a royalty and not. The choreography was clean and classy. The executions, the music, the digital slideshow on the screen showcasing landmarks from the Philippines were incredibly presented. The models were a 'cut above the rest' I should say. I was blown away by the wedding gowns and the interjections of a live choir that accentuated the elegance of a name Renee Salud built and remain uncontested to this day. Now she is branding herself, the "Fashion Advocate." Something I was pensive about knowing that last year she brought along models from the Philippines which if true, I would disagree. We have models in our community who are as exquisite as those from other countries. They must be utilized first. It's like hiring Temporary Foreign Workers, you must offer it first to Canadians. Just a thought.

The fashion show was flawless. Renee Salud knows exactly what being unique and being the bests in the fashion world. Live performances accompanied her incredible creations and Martha Joy on glorious red ironed the finishing touch of this year's Mabuhay Festival Fashion Gala for Renee Salud.  Renee Salud brings down the house. This so called Fashion Advocate hasn't left the house.

Singer and Rapper, Ryan Orlanda at Nathan Phillips Square, TO

Fashion Show Gala Coordinator, MARILYNN NARCISA, Executive Producer, Canada Asian Fashion Week receives recognition of her hard work at this year's Fashion Show Gala with Mabuhay Philippines Festival along with other Volunteers. The success of any event is the work of many individuals. But I can only acknowledge the people that I knew...Kudos to everyone!


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