Amplifye: Gutsy And Full Of Energy


I'm born in the late 1950s so it's rather hard for me to have a feel with the current trends of music much more to a live band performing. In my youth, I loved the night life with trusted friends where we all can down bottles of beers and still can sing along with the music. The current trends seemed to have metallic sounds dominating.  I used to cover a live band in Toronto where they wore ties and put on pomades and they play nostalgic music like Hotel California or the notoriously beautiful Bohemian Rhapsody. It was good.

I seldom write about live bands as they aren't my forte I might ink a wrong narrative because I am a person who does not mutilate people who are doing their bests in their own fields. I remembered writing about a band accused of singing a lot of *F words which I overlooked and of which was no big deal with me if I ever did. Festivals are freewheeling and some can be notorious with reasons audiences must have a broader mindset to let go of human errors. After all, festivals are for fun of which something can just go horribly wrong.

AMPLIFYE with DJ Regina Sosing of Tinig Pinoy Radio Ottawa.

But the first Filipino outdoor festival in Scarborough, the "Flavours of the Philippines Bayanihan Festival" brought in well- chosen performers, one of them was a band called "AMPLIFYE" which I haven't seen before and of which I recommended to the Organizers. I have no idea how they play.

The sun was gloriously hot and if you read any photography books, taking photos on such conditions yield a not-so-good photos. There will be no great photos in broad daylights or maybe it's an old principle. We are in the era of selfies so who cares about harsh lights. I was at Flavours of the Philippines bayanihan Festivals for many reasons and AMPLIFYE was one.

AMPLIFYE performing at Mabuhay Philippines Festival this Sunday, Aug. 26, 2018 with featured singer, April Joyce Bulangcao.

You might find my story a little boring sometimes because I don't bash people. I always find the good in them. I always remember the highest potential I saw in every circumstance. Unless it is necessary to make a point straight, I will not wag a twig to discredit people. I also do not put my narratives to please any because no one influenced my writings. It's always about how I feel and how I perceived from the heart.
AMPLIFYE featured singer for Mabuhay Philippines Festival, APRIL JOYCE BULANGCAO

In the immense heat of the sun and as AMPLIFYE Band prepares for their sets I was curious to what comes next. Live bands normally sing their hearts out static unless you are a Rolling Stone Mick Jagger croner, you are standing with the mic all through. But I can hear the guitar sending some stings on my ears like a single bee buzzing followed by all the other instruments. The band was playing their intro like a gentle hurricane without the lead vocalist. Where was he?

Rayvin Gerard Tolibas wears white pants and a dark tee with accents of red. This lead vocalist loves sporty outfits that hugs his body and he was below the stage interacting with spectators. It was new to me. I think it was creative. I think it was something different, rarely seen on most bands. Rayvin was in command down below and away from his band at times dancing with an audience member. He was full of energy. I think for the first time I've seen something gutsy, bold and creative.

It wasn't just about this lead singer's rousing spirited performance that catches attention, he also speaks 'Bisaya' and a native of Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines. He is also sporting a clean and pleasant image.  Watch this video below of their performance at Flavours of the Philippines bayanihan Spirit this early August 2018 in Scarborough and feel the energy:

Here are some pics to browse through and have a glimpse of this unique performer and his band that I guess will slowly become a byword and favourite among bars and restos that offered a live band to its patrons.



Rayvin Gerard Tolibas, lead singer.

The band's female performer.

This weekend, one of the biggest events is happening at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto as PIDC celebrates its 20th year anniversary.  Martin Nievera will highlight the event plus  a world class fashion show from well known fashion designers. Let me drop the names of Renee Salud, Kenneth Barlis and our very own Boholano Fashion Designer Shannon Pamaong.  Fashion show starts at 6:30 PM tomorrow, Saturday, August 25-26, 2018. Please check the event flyer all across social media platforms and one below;

See you there!


AMPLIFYE will grace the stage on the final day, Sunday August 26th, 2018 with an equally brilliant featured singer, APRIL JOYCE BULANGCAO who is 2018 Long & McQuade Singing Contest Champion. DON'T MISS a caliber performance.


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