This Year's Summer Retreat Has Been Complete At Burleigh Falls

Fishing at Burleigh Falls, August 17, 2018. 

Canada is blessed with enormous heavenly landscape and beautiful people. We all came from many parts of the world and yet we have the ability to adapt to our new environments so that strangers can suddenly become members of our extended families, even sweeter.

In my life as a proud Canadian, I see to it that building friendship and staying loyal to them becomes paramount. In my sincere involvement in the community as an Advocate, like those with similar pursuit, we always find time to spend meaningful moments. For the last three years I guess, me, my roommate and a family including few other friends, we take a road trip to Peterborough with its  picturesque Burleigh Falls. this is our yearly rendezvous. We drove across the stretch of rural roads snaking through Peterborough and Kawartha Lakes to get there.

Burleigh Falls is beautiful with its raging waters and naturally well- placed rocks that nature has created.  The murmuring waters and sights of Eagles and other birds add a punch of nature's best panoramic view your eyes can feast on. In the distance are the rightful paths of the wealthy patrons zooming in and out with their speed boats and yachts. Our quest for Burleigh Falls is a simple tranquil moment with people that are significant to us. Kids love fishing with their Dads creating a bonding moment that down the roads in life will become treasured moments between father and son.

The tree  where we spend moments of laughter and storytelling at Burleigh Falls.

This year we travelled to Burleigh Falls amidst the threat of strong rain and thunderstorms. We braved the challenging road conditions to fulfill our yearly fun in a place close to our hearts- Burleigh Falls.

The picturesque Burleigh Falls, Ont. Canada

With friends at Burleigh Falls, Ont. Canada

The raging waters of Burleigh Falls

Bonding at Burleigh Falls

Friendship at Burleigh Falls,  August 17, 2018

Burleigh Falls, Ont. Canada

Burleigh Falls, Ont. Canada


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