Kayleigh Cerezo: You Made Us Proud!

Mini Pop Kids member, Kayleigh Cerezo

The success of any artist lies solely on its unique talent and character. It must also have the right attitude towards passion of  singing and the ability to conquer the stage. I bet Kayleigh Cerezo, out of the 600 aspirants who auditioned for Mini Pop Kids,  must have shown the brilliance I've known since she was a very young girl.

Kayleigh is noticeably charming, respectful and friendly. I knew her toying along with her mom on some occasions we both attended and Kayleigh will never forget to pay courtesy to me with her childish greetings with that wide smiles of hers.

It was way back in 2014 on the first year of "Simbang Gabi"- a Filipino Christmas Tradition of 9 consecutive masses followed by fellowship and sharing foods brought by those who were assigned to serve the nightly refreshments. This was our first as I was tasked to organize and led so that our Canadian members of the community will understand this part of our tradition with the support of the Daughters of St. Mary of Leuca, a congregation of religious nuns.

The Mini Pop Kids newest edition with Kayleigh Cerezo and other members.

On the culmination of the 9 novena masses on the 24th of December that year, the officiating priest and the nuns wanted a young girl to sing "Silent Night" during the mass. I was sorting out the names of local artists I have known but only Kayleigh Cerezo fits the need to sing at the mass. I was giving it a deep thought and has reflected seriously ensuring that Kayleigh Cerezo can indeed handle the tasks given and expected of her. In fact, I've deliberated my choice of the singer they need.

There was no other and I strongly believe that despite Kayleigh's age she can already sing like an angel and she did. As all the lights were dimmed, Kayleigh's voice filled a somber remembrance of the birth of child Jesus. It was symbolic, it was moving. And as Kayleigh's voice faded away at the end of the song and when the lights flooded back, a rousing applause accorded the young girl at that moment.

I was proud of Kayleigh Cerezo living up to my expectations and the expectations of those who worked hard for such a successful year of our Christmas tradition. Since then, I've seen Kayleigh developed into a talented performer. Many times did Kayleigh performed at my requests on my fundraising initiatives in the community of Durham Region and in Toronto. She is a natural born performer.

The Mini Pop Kids will the more enriched Kayleigh Cerezo on this journey. The experience, the coaching, the confidence she will acquire and the ability to work with a team, Kayleigh will turn out to be a star of her own wherever this journey will take her.

There is no doubt in my heart that this young girl, Kayleigh Cerezo will be one to reckon with as she brings pride to Durham Region's Filipino-Canadian community. Her journey has just began as she slowly rises to nourish herself with so much experience that Mini Pop Kids can surely contribute in nurturing this future star.

Kayleigh, we are proud of you. You make Durham proud and as an Advocate in the recognition of young talents like you...I will await the dawn as your star rises to shower stardusts to those who, like you, dreamed to rise higher. Keep it up and remain humble of which I knew you are. I will be watching from the distance along with many others.

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