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When A Sibling Dies It's Like A Leaf Has Fallen to The Ground

My brother's requiem... He was our family's cream of the crop; brilliant, charismatic. He was always the head of his class. I don't blame my parents and siblings for adoring him, he was an all straight, principled, remarkable man. He was sharp and snappy. In college, he was the Corps Commander of his ROTC class and looked so exquisite in his military uniform. He was a devout catholic as emblazoned by my parents and he was very good at being the bests among his siblings. We don't envy him. He was after all, our pride. He was well- polished in manners, actions and judgments. He radiates perfections. But it was this strong faith and too straight a character that puts my relationship with him in rough roads since I came out of the closet too early enough, I threw all cautions to the wind and pretenses, to the bin. He wasn't happy about my rebellious revelation of self. From then on, our relationship soured everyday. He became our high school's Commandant an