Finding Moana At Nyrah's Debut Party



Thea Asedillo who became popular after winning the 2023 CNE Talent Competition in Toronto with her singing prowess has embarked on a more challenging lead roles in Broadway. It was in January this year that I saw Thea playing the role of Princess Jasmine in a stage play Aladdin at Centennial Theatre in Whitby. She glitters on stage. Thea was impressive pitting opposite the actor playing Aladdin.

THEA PLAYING PRINCESS JASMINE IN ALADDIN shown at Courthouse Theatre in Whitby.

This evening I bumped on Thea attending a debut party of Nyrah Teodoro whose dad J.R. Teodoro is a budding Filmmaker in Toronto. It was a surprise party but we missed the moment as we got lost so the party was already getting underway as we came in. We learned that Thea and Nyrah are schoolmates.

Thea is once again playing the lead role of Moana Jr. in a JDL Production having a second showing at CITY PLAYHOUSE THEATRE, 1000 New Westminster Drive #101 in Thornhill. We had a brief conversation at the party and told her we are coming to see Moana Jr. on March 13 at 5 PM where Thea is on the show. 

Come and see Thea. It is a way of supporting an incredible talent along with the rest of the production. Please check details on the flyer below:

THEA ASEDILLO is at 5PM schedule...

Tonight, Thea has given the guests a peek of her artistry as she rendered a song for the Debutant. Thea is humble and unassuming despite her gigantic talent. We love her for that!

Please watch Thea here: 



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