MP RECHIE VALDEZ: Meeting the Woman of the Hour

In photo: MP Rechie Valdez, WFG-Agnes Miranda, Li Eron at Kalayaan Cultural Centre, Mississauga, On.

 Agnes Pasaporte Miranda is a force to reckon with in Canadian community landscape. She and her sister Norma Carpio are a portrait of community service and volunteerism. Their unselfish endeavors in our community, especially in Ontario, made smaller organizations achieved small endeavors into remarkable successes with their unselfish support.

Durham Filipino Fest in Durham Region is a tiny witty non-profit organization in its infancy established in 2019 in Durham Region. It has one general mandate; to bring people together. I will compare Durham Filfest as a premature birdling completely bald and unable to fly, obviously needing a rescue. On its infancy, it met a strong opposition from older generations of so called leaders and work so hard to mute it and kill it even on its first event, sabotaging it by telling people not to come and organizing their own event to refrain their own people from attending. It failed, as people, artists, prominent hosts, entrepreneurs and friends came to participate and give our Durham community a taste of our culture, foods, talents and tradition. 

I believe that good things happened to good people and those whose purpose is genuinely serving the community. Durham Filipino Fest soared. People came and enjoy the event especially with the ardent support of Marilynn Narcisa of Runway Canada, perhaps the first to tell me, "I will support you" and  brought a fashion designer from Iloilo, Aisha Penalosa. How can I forget such huge, huge favor? Follow:

In 2020, on its supposed 2nd year event, the pandemic forces us to go virtual. WFG by Agnes P Miranda was one of its official Sponsors. Her support made us stronger as will as the support of many others. That virtual event ended up with over 13,000 views online almost immediately through MCBN TV and PinoyRadio.Com. And in 2021, Durham Filfest became one of the recipients of the Quincentennial Award 2021 from the Philippine Consulate General- Toronto in participating the 500 Years of Christianity in the Philippines Commemoration. 

On days prior to the recent federal election in Canada, I was one of those seated at a Zoom conference to meet all Filipino-Canadian Candidates running in the Liberal Party of Canada. On that Zoom, all candidates were speaking and elaborating their profiles and why they should be supported in the coming election. 

For me as a voter, an advocate, leader and blogger, my perspective may have varied greatly from others. My experience with people taught me to recognize the ones with valid purpose with evident sincerity to fulfill their tasks once elected. It probably is purely a hunch to pick the most probable and Rechie Valdez floats on screen. It could be her light, smiling persona that caught my attention as a voter weighing which one should I secretly tell friends to "look into this candidate..." through social media. 

One important factor to choose a candidate is their authenticity, the genuine dealings and presentation of themselves. I was meant to ask on that zoom meeting one question; How much time these Candidates spent in their community before jumping on the bandwagon?

Rechie Valdez is a businesswoman, an Entrepreneur and must have that special quality of patience and the ability to diffuse differences to retain customers. It's a fact, that when you are in the field of business, you don't upset people. In fairness to other Candidates, they must have a strong character  as well to make them worthy of running. But I am in Ontario and the result has it that Ontario voted for Rechie Valdez in her riding of Mississauga-Streetsville. Like every Filipino, whoever shoot into the stars we all will clap in utmost pride.

When PIDC rolled their invitation for a Meet & Greet with the newly elected Rechie Valdez, I browsed through it and moved on. Why, in my mind, will I go? It will be a good 80 minutes back and forth drive from Durham Region. But then a message came from Ate Agnes inviting me to join the victory celebration. I brought my roommate with me who can equally unmasked a person's pretences. We also give a ride to Agnes professional photographer and wife. And so we went to Kababayan Cultural Community Centre in Mississauga in the evening.

 Aside from meeting old friends and acquaintances, it was important to see  Ate Agnes Miranda whom we haven't seen for a very long time. She   looked radiant, elegant and lovely despite  the long hours she's been there.   Danny Orbillo was all smiles as always attending to guests arriving,   always accommodating and friendly. Aside from an impeccable voice, Danny is one to feel at home in such unchartered territory, far from   Durham Region. The music was awesome and the dinner served were   from  notable Filipino Resto. We picked Casa Manila for a sumptuous   chicken, rice, lumpia and dessert. 

With WFG-Agnes P Miranda
 As the formal event began and as the hosts took turns pumping up the   guests, Dr. De Villa made a poignant reminder of how important it is to   care for ourselves in the midst of this pandemic. The introduction of MP Rechie Valdez was a little elongated so I had the opportunity to peek on a   woman standing alone by the door, calmly and silently watching the   podium. She was very attentive staring at the host. I leaned on my   roommate and asked, "Is that Rechie Valdez?" My roommate nodded, "Yes..." I was impressed. I saw a very calculated, confident woman  waiting  for her turn to climb the stage. There was no sign of extreme euphoria of what is an evident victory.  If I was Rechie Valdez, I'd be flipping my hands here and there in ecstacy and pride. But no, she was just standing there...

 One thing notable with Rechie Valdez, even at the Zoom and in all her   public speeches, she reads her notes. Reading ensures continuity and   gathered thoughts, it has also the potential to disconnect with people. But I   think Rechie Valdez creates an authentic persona of someone who can   deliver a written speech and still convey truth and sincerity of who and what she is in her life; a genuine person. She sounds incredibly unassuming, humble. 

As we climbed for our turn for a photo-opt, she was a bit shocked knowing we drove from Durham to meet her. She understands the distance and may not have expected it. Short exchanges and I can tell she's in for the long haul as our Representative in Parliament Hill. You can't fake a genuine concern of long drive to see her. It was sincere...

MP Rechie Valdez, PIDC Execs & guests at Kalayaan Cultural Community Centre, Mississauga, Sep 26, 2021

I am proud of the voters in her riding of Mississauga-Streetsville who were able to decipher during her arduous campaign that she is the right candidate to vote. I know that a pretentious person will unravel. MP Rechie Valdez seemed to hold her ground because her solid upbringing and Filipino qualities made her the right pick to represent her riding, the Filipino-Canadians and all Canadians when she begins her new life as a rookie in the fields of Canadian politics.

It is important for us, Filipino-Canadian leaders, the media, the Stakeholders in our community to lift her, support and let her walk through the new challenges she will faced as a neophyte. We need to be patient as she learns her craft and as she leads our community to the forefront and become worthy of ours and her ideals of helping, uniting and working together. 

After all, Ontario has shone brightly for us as our new political warrior step into the Parliament Hill of Canada.


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