Flowers Will Never Forget To Bloom


This bee feasts on our backyard flowers every summer...My camera just love it.

The world looked bleak and unpromising for over a year now. The pandemic seemed to have offended us and robbed us of our basic human rights and dignity.  It exposes the ugliness of the world, its incompetent leaders are clad bare in the eyes of its citizens.  Advocates scrambled to make things right. Those who've lost their loved ones are quietly struggling to let go. I watched in horror the many deceptions and falsehoods circling around endlessly because social media has just given all of us an infinite opportunity to express ourselves, true or not. Sometimes our convictions are faint and weak and so we are fighting against science and truths.

But that's life and that's what humanity is all about; a contradiction. Like musical instruments in various forms and sizes playing altogether, it produces a variation of sounds and yet beautiful. Differences of opinions nourishes confused minds. It opens many doors of changing beliefs. It can also ruin relationships.  It can wreck havoc to people's emotions and so some of us maybe taking different routes when this is all over. It is not just the world that shifted, like a decaying tire that exploded abruptly changing our path and our course.

I have read a lot about mental illness where people succumbed to despair and hopelessness forgetting that dark clouds always disappear. Life has no playbooks to learn how to approach it. It is raw and at times, cruel. How many times we need to learn from stories of others, that life is like a kaleidoscope? It changes colors all the time and we need to adopt what unexpected  circumstances it will bring.

But who becomes ready when death snatched the life of a loved one? The worst part is, we can't say goodbye and hold their hands when they are on their death beds. It must be dreadful to lose someone and not being able to share the struggles and the loneliness on those final moments. And so how can one cope in such deeply inflicted pains of unexpected physical separation? How much a spirit can bear? We are all prone to despair. No one is invincible when tragedy struck. We will feel so helpless, so broken.

But do not forget, we as humans, are born with great strength, courage and resilience. We are all formidable. We heal ourselves coupled with the immense power God has bestowed us. We are born under God's graces and so we can bear. And so we can let go...

Because somewhere out there is a place for our loved ones who lost the battles in life this early. They are there waiting for us. They are in fact hovering above us and perhaps, wiping our tears.

If you lose someone, let go, because it means, they are done with their earthly life and their sufferings are over. It is destiny and we need to embrace the new path we will travel on with or without the ones closed to our hearts. Take courage and move forward trusting that those who left us are in peace and for us to continue our journey towards sunset.

Always remember that flowers will never forget to bloom.