Kitchen Crew To Interpret Original Visayan Song As Tribute To 4th Philippine President Carlos P Garcia


Songwriter/Composer Joseph Malon Torrefiel

Kitchen Crew music group young members are born in Canada, I presumed. Most likely, they normally don't speak Filipino dialect, if I am right. But past performances they've presented for our community events, especially our Durham Filfest Virtual Event, proved their versatility. Kitchen Crew sang the Philippine National Anthem in perfect harmony. Something that truly surprises me as production/director of my community or personal projects. They understand professionalism on their performances.

KC members

Now comes another challenging project for Kitchen Crew; an original Visayan song. How on earth this song project landed on the plates of our young Canadian performers? Because Kitchen Crew has proven their versatilities in their performances and the ability to take on challenging roles and they are passionate about their music. I believe on their ability to give justice to an important song in a Visayan dialect composed thousands of miles away by my high school batchmate, Joseph Malon Torrefiel.

KC member

Joseph Malon Torrefiel is a hometown patriot who wanted to make a significant remembrance to his hometown hero, the late Philippine president Carlos P Garcia. Joseph, the son of a well-respected family, whose parents are Educators. His father was our town's District Supervisor in his lifetime. His mother, a classroom teacher. My father was under him. So when I heard the song he shared privately and recently, I thought it did not make its full potential if it doesn't reached our brilliant performers for a more professional interpretation. I told him if I can try to give it to one of our bests young singers over here and he agreed.

KC member

"Lumad Gasa Nga Bulawan" is a song tribute to the 4th president of the Republic of the Philippines and first president of the 1971 Constitutional Convention. He hails from our village of San Agustin where my Grandparents lived. My mother was the president's third degree cousin by consanguinity. Carlos P. Garcia was an educator, a lawyer, a poet, a debater, orator, sportsman, a parliamentarian, a patriot and statesman. He rose from his humble beginnings and occupied the highest position of the land. He died in 1971 few days after being elected as the first president of the Philippine Constitutional Convention. I was 13 at the time of his death. I do remember lining up to view his remains with my parents and siblings at our town's muncipal hall. One of his legacies was creating "The Filipino First Policy" and many, more accomplishments in his term as 4th Philippine president. My uncle wrote the biography book of the late president. The only intensive book writen on the life of the late president, Carlos Polestico Garcia. This original song composed by Joseph M Torrefiel will be a poignant tribute to the man with immense brilliance and service to the Filipino people.

This original song is now in the hands of Kitchen Crew and their production team. More blogs will be written about this collaboration. For the meantime, here is Kitchen Crew on this holiday season's offerings to all of us. Click the link below and enjoy their music on their Youtube Channel and please Subsccribe: Kitchen Crew 6

The Kitchen Crew


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