Jarius Monzon Takes Us Back To Our Past

JARIUS MONZON  Photo: Krypton Quero

Filipinos, whether they are born in the Philippines or elsewhere in the world, carry that instinctive love of music. As what Simon Cowell insists most times, "it sounds like karaoke" when the style and quality of singing does not met his standard. There is a deluge of singers among the Filipino communities even in Canada. Too much, too many...But in fairness, some does leave a mark when you happened to find one among the heap. As a community leader and organizer of meaningful events, I have an obligation to find the finest from our community's homegrown talents. I am like a search light constantly prowling to spot what I perceived as worthy performers. I don't remember putting someone that does not deliver because I believe in giving chances and opportunities to those who truly belong to the stage and deliver a solid performance. I also owe it to our audience to bring in the bests. 

My last event which was virtual, showed tremendous pool of remarkable young artists from the Filipino-Canadian community from Durham Region and from far off places, even in Alberta and outside Canada. Believe me, during the process of selecting performers, some sent unflattering videos and I turned them down. My reasoning is, "be the best you can be" even when you are just at home recording your performance. If you want to leave an imprint, use the right audio, lightings and a razor sharp video. You have to look and sound your best. Someone sent me a video that looks like someone enjoying a karaoke moment and I refused it. Artists must take care of their own image and projection because that's what people are looking for in one's performance. Freddie Mercury ensures he is properly groomed before going out. Personality matters and one way of helping an artist is pushing some boundaries.

I have a lists of prime performers from our local talents. But sometimes you need to enlist new ones and that's when surprises comes in. Recently, a mom sent me a video of her son of which I've already heard before being a part of a group that actually nailed their performance at our virtual event. I normally used a headphone when listening to music and when I played the video, I was honestly blown away. What an exquisite voice. It felt like I was transported back to the 60's and the voice can be paired with those of the legendary singers of the past. I think Michael Buble will fall a little short in comparison. Jarius Monzon is a reincarnation of the likes of Jonathan Potenciano or maybe Matt Monro? I don't know who to compare because his voice is emotionally sweeping and mellow. Watch this cover song video of Jarius Monzon and you will know what I mean.

I'm blown away for such a young lad singing old songs like he belong to this generation and it is close to magical. I honestly haven't heard one from among the new ones popping up from among our homegrown talents. Julius Monzon, inspite of his young age as already accomplished a lot on bigger stage like the World Championship of Performing Arts in which he garnered numerous awards at this year's competition.

At this time of pandemic, Jarius is performing on virtual events where he is slowly making his performances felt among the viewers. This young man, I assure you, will go that far in the world of music. He will rise and find his spot as one of Crooner from our own community. 
I said, Crooner, because that's what he is destined to be...in my humble opinion.