Reported Nanny Stranded In Mexico Had Toronto Advocates Leap Into Action

Hon. Marco Mendicino

On Thursday, March 19, 2020, Nicholas Keung, Immigration Reporter of The Star, run a story about a Filipino nanny having difficulty re-entering Canada from Mexico with her Canadian employer after Canadian government declared border restrictions to allow entry only for Canadian citizens, Permanent residents and Americans as well as trades and commerce to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the story here: Filipino Nanny.

The online article crossed my Facebook News Feed and so I read it in full. As a former nanny myself on my early years in Canada, I have been advocating for Live-In Caregivers in Edmonton, Alberta. I can feel the dilemma that Mary Anne De Ramos was facing, according to the report, over the prospect of being left behind because of border restrictions.

Being left behind and being stranded in Mexico is scary for the nanny.  It dampens my celebration of feeling safe and secure as a Canadian now that the government is closing its borders to non-Canadians. This nanny, when left behind in Mexico, even with a valid Canadian working visa is troubling. It was a reckoning on my part. The Canadian government missed something of importance; the plights of Temporary Foreign Workers and International students who are out of Canada and needs to come back. Mary Anne De Ramos is an example of an overlooked sector who has done tremendous contributions to Canadian society as well.

I live in Durham Region and my resources are limited to launch an effective campaign for Canada to include Caregivers and or Temporary Foreign Workers like the nanny in Mexico, to be allowed entry back to Canada if they hold a valid working visa. I must find a way to reach out to the office of the Hon. Marco Mendicino, who is the current Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister and ask for his help and tell him the issue at hand. I must sound the bell and rally the best advocates and community leaders I knew in Toronto.

I fired my messenger to connect with the people I trust for a collective effort to bring the Filipino nanny in Mexico back to Canada. Even if we don't know her, we must plea for her return and request for Exemptions so these Temporary Foreign Workers or International students can enter Canada.In minutes of receiving my request, the below leaders sprung into action by collectively reaching out to the office of the Minister of Immigration, Hon. Marco Mendicino. They are:

NORMA CARPIO - Is past president of Philippine Independence Day Council (PIDC) whose mandate is to help our community. She is currently PIDC Advisor and Board member. Norma Carpio was chosen by the International Peace Federation by the United Nation as Ambassador for Peace representing the Philippines last December 2019. She also received the Golden Balangay Award's Most Outstanding Achievement Award 2017. She also received the Bb Pilipinas of the World Outstanding Filipinos in Canada, America and the Philippines in early 2019, This was the only time I met her.

Agnes Pasaporte Miranda, Norma Carpio, Li ERON

AGNES PASAPORTE MIRANDA - Hailed as one of Canada's top Immigrants (AGNES MIRANDA) is one to count on in terms of helping people. We have crossed our path as she received her Golden Balangay Awards in 2017 for Business Excellence. She is also PIDC Executive VP. We also met countless times at where we both run an internet radio show in Vaughan.

At center: Ben Corpuz with Durham leaders in Markham, ON.

BEN CORPUZ - A labor advocate in Toronto and a formidable leader in our community also with PIDC. A man of few words and quiet demeanor, Ben is a strong advocate we can rely.

RAMON ESTARIS - Philippine Independence Day Council (PIDC) President and businessman also help on this collective effort.

Ramon Estaris

JUDITH GONZALES - An indie film producer, Entrepreneur and Advocate for Caregivers and her many works in the community also joined our effort.

Judith Gonzales

REGINA SOSING (Ottawa) - A member of our local media (On Sabbatical leave) also lend a hand in reaching out for this cause.

Regina Sosing

There are people born to serve. These Advocates who pounced on the issue at hand has been in the community leading and fighting righteously for the common good of our community. Our Hon. Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Marco Mendicino also quickly look into the issue and deliver. By Friday, March 20, 2020, the office of the Hon. Marco Mendicino made pronouncements on allowing Foreign Workers and International students enter Canada.Read: Media Release from Canada Immigration.

After sending an email to The Star Immigration Reporter who wrote the story about Mary Anne De Jesus in Mexico asking for updates on the story. The  writer, Nicholas Keung confirmed that Mary Anne De Ramos is set to return to Canada this March 21, 2020 from Mexico.

Our Canadian government needs our voices, feed backs and what they missed in order to correct it. We will thank wholeheartedly the Hon. Minister Marco Mendicino for acting on our plea which was important and crucial to this crisis our country is facing.

With Hon. Marco Mendicino at Bb Pilipinas World Awards Night 2019.

Thank you to Hon. Marco Mendicino, to PIDC and to our brave leaders who never hesitated to help. May we all come out of this crisis triumphant. Let us thank our Canadian government for their steadfastness and resolve.