Michael Siervo Is An Inspiration As Double Awardee Of Golden Balangay Awards In Winnipeg 2019

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In today's age and time, it is difficult to really nail your write up because of social media where anyone can post instantly. Any story now, breaking or not, could simply disappear to the backburner where no one even noticed. So that obscured writers like me must reinvent and push our own storytelling to the limit and flash our narratives at people's faces and force them to read. Google is a competition we cannot win as well as those who believe in Wikipedia, which I don't. Anything that gives anyone access and capability to edit contents is prone to misleading informations. I can attest to that, reading a Wiki item that stated, the late president Carlos P Garcia was born in Luzon. No, he was a pure Boholano born in my ancestral barrio. My mother was his third cousin by consanguinity. That information was false. I'd rather turn a page on Encyclopedia instead.

Personal stories are real and must be written with substance. Their personal stories are also a constant lesson to help us navigate in life with our own personal journeys.  The Golden Balangay Awards is a good source of knowing a person and listening to their own struggles, survival and how they came to live with it, through sweats and determination, and then climb up to claim a prize.

Michael Siervo awarded World Vision Community Service Awards at GBA 2019 in Winnipeg, Sep 7, 2019.

It is music to my ears to hear someone speaking and choking up on how difficult life was, and yet, here they are, basking in the glory of what has been, lifting the Golden Balangay trophy up with pride. These are their stories only a profound storyteller can truly dissect and scribble with fondness. This year's Golden Balangay Awards, hosted by Winnipeg under the leadership of Judyanne, was held at the Winnipeg Arts Gallery (WAG). A historic venue constructed using Tendyll stone found only in Manitoba.

Michael Siervo with World Vision Executives at Winnipeg Arts Gallery, Sep 7, 2019.

There were contingents from Ontario, to name a few, Mogi Mogado- the Sculptor of Dr. Jose Rizal life-sized statue in Markham, Filmmaker Judith Gonzales, both are Nominees. There's also the firepower couple, Ben and Paulina Corpuz. Ben is also a Nominee and Paulina, a winner from last year, now a Presenter at this event. Our young pop singer was also on the plane with me, Peyton Garcia. Others attending came from other provinces, all across Canada. After all, this is what the Golden Balangay Awards hoped for, that its passengers comes from various places.

With GBA founders, Peyton Garcia,  the Sculptor, Mogi Mogado and Judith Gonzales at the after party of GBA 2019 in Winnipeg, 

Everyone's eyes were glued on the screen and on every Nominees and Presenters that climbed the stage. It was an important moment as one by one their stories and the reason why they were there was a subtle reminder of how each and everyone of us shared almost an identical journeys. Each one of the Nominee's life is a reflection of each other. I was even forced to reflect into my own life. Golden Balangay Awards, a platform of many profound dreams and aspirations. As one winner said, "Each journey of Balangay was a foundation of its present journey. It is interconnected. One cannot do its travels without its past. And so the Balangay must set sail on yet another journey.

Michael Siervo, GBA 2019 2x winner.
In my limited peripheral vision and minds, there were numerous winners, but I can only touch a few, those that were brief but poignant. I'm sure, KUBO Magazine will run its own complete narratives. I will pick the ones that seems familiar. I'm a blogger who writes in a fly. Although there are a lot of missing parts, it is part of a blogger's style so readers will have to feel cheated and are forced to react and interact.

So let me pick from among the winners of Golden Balangay Awards who garnered two awards that evening. He is Michael Siervo who won twice for, Executive of the Year and World Vision Community Service Awards. What caught my attention was this: Michael Siervo was born in Canada and all his life he was living an all Canadian life. Accordingly, there came a point in his life that he wanted to know more about himself and his roots and came across Filipinos who treated  and welcomed him on their wings. From then on, Michael Siervo dig deep on his being a Filipino and he never looked back. He became so engrossed with his Filipino heritage and culture and was so impressed with the people who nurtured him in the community that he gave back. His community service soon spiralled, making him the winner in two Categories of the 2019 Golden Balangay Awards.

At the after party, Michael Siervo ramped at the John Ablaza fashion show. I guess, Michael Siervo's persona is one to reckon with...and Golden Balangay Awards brought him to us to become one of our necessary inspirations in such an inspiring life.

Two times GBA 2019 Awardee, Michael Siervo(R), ramped at John Ablaza after party fashion show to the delight of all the guests at Winnipeg Arts Gallery, September 7, 2019


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