Steal the Days Band

Dino Salas (on left) rips his guitar strings like a violent psychopath. You look at him and you can't help being pulled by the way he played his guitar. Then I will have a problem when someone appeared distinctive. But in fairness, Steal the Days Band represents a volume of interesting musicians in one pack.

But Dino Salas, whom I approached after their performance because I thought he was some kind of a retarded 7 year old on stage, ignited a spark of what maybe a long road of many stories about their band. I hope the rest of the members won't kick me out when I poke on their massive library of ready to record original songs and tell their narratives. 

Steal the Days Band

The band's frontman is Dave, of Serbian descent but raised in Toronto. The rest of the band are Filipinos. Isn't it  a wonderful thing for our own people collaborating with other races? It's a perfect combination. Let's see if we can stay on the loop with this band and what they can offer to our Filipino-Canadian music scene. Home grown...we shouldn't look any farther...

Dino Salas will be sending their massive portfolio so we can know them better. I am sorry if I am very selective with my blogs because we need to sift through dozens of similar groups of talents. It is my prerogative and we need to see which one inspire the most. If you think you are...share it.

The whole member of a band takes full credits. But someone has to draw the magnet. It's life. It's a norm. you can pick your choice, the fun way. 

Steal the Days Band


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